Bon Bini: A Warm Welcome to Curacao

When you arrive at the Curacao International Airport, you’re greeted by not only the warm breeze and friendly smiles, but also with a sign that says ‘Bon Bini’ or Welcome in the local language called Papiamentu.

Williamstad Curacao

Photo Courtesy of M. Reffes

With luscious lagoons with more flamingoes than people, the architecturally-fabulous capital city of Willemstad, thirty-eight beaches and clear views of Venezuela from Mount Christoffel, the islands highest point at 1,237-feet, Curacao charms with a mélange of Caribbean flair and European panache. Although Dutch is the official language, a blend of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English and Arawak known as Papiamentu is the favored language of islanders. “We call Papiamentu ‘Tutti Frutti’ because it represents the wonderful mixture of cultures that make up Curaçao,” said Andre Rojer, marketing manager, Curaçao Tourist Board, “Visitors who speak other languages can easily learn a few words like ‘dushi’ which you’d use to grab the attention of your sweetie.”

Curacao Hyatt

Photo Courtesy of Hyatt Resorts

What will also grab the attention of your sweetie is the “Curaçao WOW!” slew of deals and discounts valid through November 1st. More than twenty island hotels and resorts are courting lovebirds with one free night for every five booked as well as a gratis day of car rental and diving. Visit or call 1.800.328.7222.

It’s no surprise that the islands oldest hotel is also one of the most romantic for couples who covet a jazz set as they toast the sunset.  Nicolaj ‘Nic’ Møller is not only the owner of the sixty-year old Avila Beach Hotel, but a musician with two CD’s to his credit. A Dutch Colonial mansion where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands stays on official state visits, the family-run hotel with the legendary Blues Bar perched on the tip of a natural breakwater has a 1926 Rolls-Royce available for a glamorous spin after tying the knot. Check out the Avila Hotel

Avila Beach Curacao

Photo Courtesy of Avila Beach Hotel

Love is always in the air at Angelica’s Kitchen. A pharmacist-turned-foodie, Angelique Schoop runs the popular cooking school in her century-old childhood house in Otrobanda where chef wannabees prepare a five-course meal from plantain soup to pumpkin pancakes drizzled with Curacao liqueur. “Only 10% of the folks who enroll in the classes can actually cook,” she says scurrying about the kitchen painted in sea greens and blues, “the rest just like to eat and learn.” Visit

For tourism information – Visit

Speaking Papiamento – A Primers Dictionary

Papiamentu English
Bon Bini Welcome
bon dia good day (before noon)
bon tardi good afternoon
bon nochi good evening; good night
danki thank you
por fabor please
di nada you are welcome
mi number di telefon ta … my phone number is …
bél mi call me
kon ta bai ku bo How are you?
kon ta ku bida How is life?
hopi bon very good
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  1. Ashfield Johnson says:

    I attended the Jazz Festival in Curacao in September with my girlfriend. I proposed to her during our stay on the island and then we decided we would get married in March and return to Curacao for our honeymoon.

    After reading this information, I will consider the Avila hotel because we are both music lovers.
    thank you
    A. Johnson
    Miami, Florida

  2. Nadine Ruggle says:

    Thanks for the entry, I even learned a lot from it. Super quality content on this blog. Always looking forward to new article.

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