Nevis: Love in the Leewards

Serene and green with sun-dappled skies that kiss the azure sea, Nevis is pure paradise just a seashell away from St. Kitts. Adored by honeymooners for the many nooks and crannies that ooze privacy and coveted by savvy travelers for its unspoiled natural beauty, Nevis is a lover’s playground par excellence. From scaling majestic Mount Liamuiga with its riotous array of colorful blossoms to making the acquaintance of a shy vervet monkey, romance is always in the tropical air. It was on this small speck that a dapper Captain Horatio Nelson courted the refined Fanny Nisbet and where hundreds of couples since have followed in their romantic footsteps.

After a day at the beach, luxury awaits at the the ritzy Four Seasons resort, only AAA Five-Diamond resort in the West Indies.

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Breezy beaches and magical sunsets are the main events with the aptly named Lovers’ Beach the star attraction. Off-the-beaten-track, this secluded sandy strand is often empty and ideal for sunbathing, morning strolls and perfecting the fine art of the Caribbean chill-out. After a day at the beach, luxury awaits at the only AAA Five-Diamond resort in the West Indies. Set to re-open on December 15th, the ritzy Four Seasons awaits with swank accommodations, glorious seaside massages, gourmet dining, championship golf and wedding planners who happily coordinate every detail of the big event. “We encourage romance on our island,” smiles John Hanley, CEO of the Nevis Tourist Authority, “we have endless locales for couples to marry, honeymoon and have fun under the sun.”  Check out the Four Seasons Resort – Nevis

For couples who prefer the road-less-traveled and the road one-thousand feet above the sea, Golden Rock Inn is an 18th century estate bordered by bougainvillea and orchids. With fourteen cottages and a gourmet restaurant, the Inn was named for the curious golden glow on the left side of the mountain visible before the sun sets. Perfect for honeymooners, the Inn has no TV’s, clocks or radios; however the property does have Wi-Fi access. “Our guests can truly unwind up here,” smiles Pam Barry, co-owner, “We host many weddings and delight when couples say I Do at our romantic Inn.” Visit

“Visitors fall in love when they arrive here, “says Biddy Weekes, a tour guide for twenty years. “I see big smiles after couples swim in our sea and look at our mountain.” To seal the deal, Sunshine’s on Pinney’s Beach is home to the Killer Bee that packs a potent rum punch and at Oualie Beach hotel, Jazzique heats up the room with Marley covers and old-school favorites. Ask the bartender to whip up a Monkey Passion cocktail with vodka, banana liqueur, passion fruit juice and coconut cream. Check out the Oualie Beach Resort.

For island information, visit

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9 Responses to Nevis: Love in the Leewards

  1. Art Boy says:

    Interesting tips on Nevis. Hadn’t thought of it before, but maybe we’ll go for the honeymoon.

  2. victorian inn bed and breakfast says:

    Thanks for the pleasant and lovely information about Nevis. It is really a dream place for honeymooners so secluded for complete privacy to explore and feel the beauty of the surroundings and enjoy golden treasure moments with each other in this extremely romantic and enchanting place of the world.

  3. esther buchsbaum says:

    Having read this piece, I was instantly transported! I never thought of Nevis as a possible choice for a romantic getaway but wll certainly take a closer look now! I have a couple of friends who are planning destination weddings and who are considering the larger islands as possibilities, but I will absolutely pass this on! Thank you for the great insights and for a very enlightening piece.

  4. Jade Luciero says:

    I cannot wait to print this Nevis story out and show it to my soon-to-be-husband !
    I had no idea the smaller islands had such great honeymoon possiblities. I thought our only Caribbean options were would be the larger pricier islands . If there are other smaller islands worthy of our honeymoon, please post them. I would love to hear more.

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  6. My grandparents started going to Nevis in the late 1970′s, and I started going to Nevis in the late 1980′s. Having said that, while Nevis has changed quite a bit, it is still one of the least “touristy” islands in The Caribbean. While the article features heavily on The Four Seasons Resort, don’t be fooled. The 4 Seasons is not “The Real Nevis”

    True it is beautiful, but in my opinion it is overpriced, overrated, and more like Miami Beach moved South than it is Nevis. After almost two dozen trips to Nevis, I think the most romantic beach resort is The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. But hey that is just my 2 cents.

    At any rate it is nice to see Nevis getting the recognition that it so justly deserves.

  7. Melanie says:

    Greets Michael,

    Thank you for your feedback – Yes, the Four Seasons is surely not the only property on the island – Everyone has a favorite and Nisbet is a gem ! There are many others also that are equally as charming and perhaps I will do another NEVIS column soon come and include some of other options.
    In the meantime, the Four Seasons is re-opening on December 15th and taking reservations now. As the resort is the largest employer on the island and brings in many USA-Canadian tourists, it should be spotlighted in order to drive tourism back to NEVIS. Once folks arrive at the Four Seasons, they explore the rest of the island and hopefully plan a 2nd visit !

    thanks for reading the BLOG – it is a pleasure to write!

  8. référencement alsace says:

    Great job, I enjoyed reading this !

  9. Technology Blog says:

    Awesome blog! Loving it! :)

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