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Romantic Guide to Anguilla

Anguilla Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs and Shows

If it's the weekend, the party is at Sandy Ground where revelers get groovy till the sun comes up. Hot spots include Ripples for a game of darts; The Pumphouse for reggae music and goat tacos and Elvis' Bar where the beach morphs into a sandy dance floor.

A national musical treasure, Bankie Banx performs his brand of reggae at his own club called The Dune Bar, a short stroll from the Cuisinart resort. A salt 'n pepper crowd are regulars while newbies find their way there eventually.

At Johnno's, the classic Jump-Up and Sammy's rum punch are the main attractions. Live bands perform at night and on Sunday afternoon; the quintessential Caribbean bar is the go-to spot for just about everyone on the island.

Built on a coral outcrop a stone's throw from the azure waters of the Bay, Pimms is gourmet glory at the Cap Juluca Resort. Popular for a late night nibble or a cocktail to toast the sunset, the Mediterranean-inspired trendsetter is the go-to locale for a meet and greet, small plate of delectable miso-glazed black cod and yummy cherry wood smoked salmon.

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