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Romantic Guide to Anguilla

Anguilla Romantic Getaways

For a small island, Anguilla (rhymes with vanilla and means eel in Italian reflecting its narrow shape), rivals the best in the world with cosmopolitan restaurants, posh villas, unspoiled natural beauty and endless strands of sandy beaches. An uber-chic sliver of Shangri-La, Anguilla is all about enjoying Beluga caviar and Cristal champagne as the stubborn sun melts into the horizon.

A seashell away from St. Maarten via ferry, west of St. Kitts and east of Puerto Rico, the sunny isle is the coveted playground for luxury seekers who come to perfect the fine art of the Caribbean chill-out. Its highest point, Crocus Hill, sits pretty at 65 meters above sea level while the capital called The Valley rests in the middle of the island that is fashioned from coral limestone.

Measuring twenty-five kilometers by five kilometers, the island has just two traffic lights, four banks, plenty of goats and over a thousand hotel rooms (give or take and including some of the finest in the world). There are no mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes, all-you-can-eat buffets or casinos; rather Anguilla is all about a gracious population who work mainly in tourism and delight in welcoming newlyweds to their sandy shore. This unlikely Eden of salt ponds and sea grape trees is a Caribbean success story with a steady clientele of the rich and famous, swishy spas, championship Greg Norman golf course and a brisk business in couples saying I Do on the beach.

Unlike Cannes where celebrities tempt the paparazzi by getting married half-naked on private yachts or nearby St. Barth's where Arnold Schwarzenegger makes no bones about requesting a personal gym in his hotel room, Anguilla attracts a crowd that seeks Garbo-esque privacy and will pay handsomely for it. Denzel Washington celebrated his big 5-0 in a villa, Bruce Willis and the Bacon brothers jam at the Pumphouse, Eddie Murphy digs the scene at Johnno's and a bikini-clad Celine Dion has been spotted riding horseback along the beach.

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