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Romantic Guide to Antigua

Antigua Activities and Attractions

Antigua presents lovers with a bounty of choices when it comes to enjoying a romantic island vacation.

Sailing enthusiasts can charter their own craft or take a laid back approach and enjoy a fully-staffed catamaran sail, complete with West Indian snacks and cool cocktails. Coral reefs ring the island and submerged wrecks provide exciting underwater settings for divers. The island has its own offshore Stingray City, where you can take a short boat ride to cavort with docile southern rays. Of course, Antigua's beaches are never far away ' all 365 of them. Some of the favorites are the beach at Hermitage Bay, which is close to St. John's; the calm waters of Long Bay; the surf action at Half Moon Bay; and the four beaches at Hawksbill, where one is reserved for clothing optional bathers.

On dry land, shoppers flock to St. John's, where you'll find a mix of duty free delights at Heritage Quay, bargains at Redcliffe Quay and the vibrant local scene of handicrafts and fresh produce at Market Square. St. John's also presents plenty of dining choices, from chowing down on fish & chips at an authentic British pub, to dining on authentic Caribbean cuisine in a stylish eatery.

Lovers looking for a change of scene from the beach have a wide choice of sightseeing options. Nelson's Dockyard National Park combines the charms of a national park with the draw of restored Georgian buildings, specialty shops and elegant restaurants. The park's Admiral House showcases an intriguing display of nautical memorabilia. Additional places of interest dotting the island include the 17th century St. John's Cathedral; the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, where island history is showcased; and Betty's Hope, where you can explore the 17th century ruins of Antigua's first sugar plantation, made even quainter by the herds of friendly, free-roaming goats.

Hikers can set off along trails of pure grade Caribbean beauty. One of the most popular hikes is along a trail leading up to the 500-foot summit of Shirley Heights, where you and your honey will be treated to panoramic views of the harbor and sea. This former military lookout is now the site of a restored building serving as a restaurant and bar. Time your arrival on Sunday afternoon and you'll be rewarded with the best party on Antigua, with live music and barbecue.

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