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Romantic Guide to Antigua

Antigua Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs and Shows

When lovers touch down on a Caribbean island, a moonlit walk on the beach and a room with a door that locks is often all the nightlife they need. Antigua supplies this in abundance, but also has plenty of options for an engaging change of pace. Much of the action can be found in the capital city of St. John's, with a variety of clubs keeping dancers on the move with a blend of beats, from soca to hip hop to reggaeton.

Looking for a bit of glitz? Ankle over to the Grand Princess Casino, Jolly Harbour, or the King's Casino in St. John's at Heritage Quay, where you and your honey can try your luck at casino gaming, catch a Las Vegas style show or dance the night away.

If you're on island on a Sunday, don't miss the weekly party on Shirley Heights. It begins in the late afternoon with a steel band and segues to reggae as the sun goes down. You can grab a bite, sink a drink and gaze down at the harbor lights. This is life on Antigua at its best.

When you're bushed from a full day exploring the island, chances are your resort has nightlife activities planned, which can range from spirited beach parties to folkloric performances.

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