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Romantic Guide to Antigua

Antigua Romantic Getaways

While Antigua is celebrated for the beauty and sheer number of its beaches ' 365, one for every day of the year ' the island's topography is equally captivating, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Caribbean. The island is one rolling hill after another, with eye-popping vistas that look down on picturesque ports and wide expanses of sea.

The island casts a romantic spell and has long been a favorite with honeymooners, who are enchanted by its ancient stone windmills, welcoming, upscale resorts and friendly people. The island vibe mixes well with a hint of British formality, since Antigua was a British colony for many years. The 18th century British naval hero Admiral Nelson is still honored on the island, most evident in the fifteen-acre Nelson's Dockyard National Park, where locals and visitors alike relax in natural surroundings punctuated by meticulously restored Georgian buildings.

At 14 miles long by 11 wide, Antigua is big enough to hold surprise after surprise for travelers without being intimidating. The capital city is St. John's, where lovers will find the greatest selection of shops, restaurants and nightlife. If couples are on island in April, their visit may coincide with the annual Sailing Week, when an internationally attended yacht race holds the island enthralled.

Barbuda is Antigua's sister island, even more laid back and undeveloped. Barbuda can be reached via a 20-minute flight from Antigua, or a leisurely three-hour boat trip.

Favorite activities for visitors include diving and snorkeling the island's coral reef, sailing the waters, exploring the island by car, and birdwatching on Barbuda's Frigate Bird Sanctuary. A must-do is Shirley Heights, a 500-foot vantage point overlooking English Harbour. Double your fun by visiting on a Sunday afternoon, when steel band and reggae music supplies the beat for the island's most popular party, which even draws celebrities such as Sting and the late Whitney Houston.

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