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Romantic Guide to Antigua

Love & Romance in Antigua: Five Romantic Things To Do

Take a Scenic Island Drive

Antigua is perfect for exploring by car, as long as you and your sweetheart aren't intimidated by driving on the left. There seems to be an intriguing sight around every bend. It's easy to arrange a car rental at your resort and take off on your own serendipitous adventure, exploring ancient sugar mills, stopping in little villages for an island snack; taking in sites like Devil's Bridge, a natural sea bridge with dramatic blowholes; or finding one of the island's secluded beaches just right for two.

Explore Laid Back Barbuda

Visit Antigua's little sister Barbuda via a quick 20-minute flight or an unhurried three-hour boat ride. On Barbuda, you'll stroll pink sand beaches with nary a person in sight. The island is dotted with architectural remnants of Barbuda's colonial past ' from ruined estates to crumbling castle towers. Take time to visit the Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanctuary, drifting through the sea-splashed mangrove forests and observing four species of these large and fascinating birds.

Shopping in St. John's

Take a break from the beach and browse the shops and boutiques of St. John's, Antigua's capital city. Here you'll find duty-free goods from England, including woolens to keep you and your sweetie warm when you return home. The center for duty-free shopping is Heritage Quay, with over 40 duty-free shops. A must-see is the public market on Market Street, where you'll be immersed in a vibrant display of island handicrafts, tempting fruit and local color.

Adopt a Donkey

It's a lesser-known fact that Antigua has wild donkeys. These animals have slipped away from farms and are now at risk from being struck by vehicles. The island's Donkey Sanctuary, run by the Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society, is a safe refuge for the creatures. Visitors can make arrangements to tour the sanctuary, pet the animals up-close and even make a donation to adopt a donkey of their own. If you and your honey are animal lovers, it's a bond you won't forget.

Take to the Sea at Sundown

Once you're on island, you'll find plenty of options for sunset sailings, with all the trimmings - including cocktails, island rhythms, awe-inspiring scenery and a chance to see the fabled 'flash of green' as the sun dips below the horizon. If your tastes run to getting wet, book a day sailing where you'll get the chance to snorkel the island's vivid coral reefs and dock for a swim and a picnic lunch on a secluded beach.

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