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Romantic Guide to the Bahamas

Bahamas Activities and Attractions


Take a walking tour of Bahama's capital and most history-drenched city, and marvel at the Georgian architecture and 18th-century forts.

The Atlantis

On Paradise Island, let your inner kid rule at Atlantis' Waterscape, a water park and open-air aquarium 200 species of marine life. Give your lover a kiss and take the Leap of Faith, ride through a Plexiglas tube past a Predator Lagoon packed with sharks.

Inagua National Park

Stroll through this national park in Nassau and marvel at 50,000 eye-popping hot pink flamingoes, as well as other bird species.

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Park

Zoo lovers can make tracks for the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Park, where they'll see 50 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including the bright green (and endangered) Bahama Parrot.

Harbour Island

Walk barefoot hand-in-hand along the island's pale pink sands. Chances are the only sounds you'll hear are the cries of sea birds and the wind ruffling the soaring palms.

Cat Island

Beaches abound with an African heritage twist. You'll see traces of Mother Africa in its Obeah religion, distinctive cuisine (with lots of conch) and infectious rake-and-scrape music.

Pirates of Nassau Museum

Get your 'Yarrhhh!' on at this interactive museum in Nassau. Make like Captain Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth and stroll through exhibits bringing pirate ways to life. When you've seen it all, order up a cup of grog at the museum's Pirate's Bar.


One of the most appealing of The Out Islands, two-mile wide Eleuthera is celebrated for its rose-colored sands, secluded coves and quaint towns dating back to colonial days.


Nature-lovers will fall in love with Andros. Kayak the island's creeks past mangroves filled with birds, or don snorkels to explore the candy-colored coral on display in the island's barrier reef, said to be the third largest in the world.

Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Tours

Blue Lagoon Island on Paradise Island provides the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with bottle-nosed dolphins and sea-lions.

Rum Cay

Marvel at the turquoise sea surrounding Rum Cay. Here you'll have miles and miles of secluded beaches to roam. For a change of pace, try some adrenaline-inducing surfing on Rum Cay's famous breaks.


This island in the Gulf Stream is famous as a haven for roguish fishermen, including such heavyweights as novelist Ernest Hemingway. If angling for bonefish or swimming with wild dolphins floats your boat, Bimini is the island for you and yours.

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