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Bali Romantic Getaways

By Beth D'Addono

For a romantic getaway you’ll never forget, Bali is a place that isn’t so much of this world, as truly out of it. Set squarely at the crossroads between good karma, aesthetic beauty and pampering luxury, a Bali vacation is unlike any other. Even describing the Indonesian island is a challenge: paradise meets reverence? Spice collides with the sweetness of genuine hospitality? Natural beauty enhanced by body-loving TLC? Yes, all of these things, and so much more.

Jimbaron Bay

At the center of the Indonesia archipelago on the Indian Ocean, Bali is a far-flung romantic destination. But even though it takes a long time to get there, the romance, rejuvenation and stimulation that awaits at journey's end makes the trip seem inconsequential. Bali is a place that you never really leave without scheming to return.

Although long discovered by tourists, many of them Aussie surfer dudes and beach goers drawn to the party haven/ tourist trap of Kuta, Bali’s living culture remains fiercely intact. Restorative beach time is best captured south of Kuta on pristine Jimbaron Bay on the Bukit Peninsula. Famous for its four star resorts, Jimbaron Bay is also the place for casual beachfront eateries, or warungs, where Indonesian cuisine, bold with garlic, lime, chili and coconut, is at its best.

At this stage in your Bali vacation, spend time getting adjusted to the slower island pace, soak up plenty of sun and linger over romantic, candlelit dinners. When you’re ready to explore, head an hour north to the cultural capital of Ubud. Inhabited by generations of Hindu refugees who left the mainland after the Muslim conquest of the 15th century, Bali’s Hinduism unselfconsciously permeates every aspect of daily life. The smell of incense, the sight of offerings of rice and fruit wrapped in banana leaf and the outline of temples and shrines define every landscape.


Long walks through the rice fields are the best way to get a sense of the island’s beauty, and meet the locals, who are incredibly friendly. Consider hiring a local driver – ask your hotel for a recommendation – for a half or full day island tour. In Ubud, an ideal home base, you can fill your days with walks, museum visits, musical performances, terrific restaurants and endless shopping. Traditional Balinese music and dance is ever present in Ubud – there is literally something going on every night. Tourist-friendly temple dances include kecak, legong and barong performances and gamelan orchestras, featuring Balinese gongs and percussion instruments, regularly serenade.

Blessed with gentle mountain breezes and a landscape ideal for trekking, Ubud is an idiosyncratic place full of surprises. Like Kafe on the main drag, a vegetarian-friendly magnet for a colorful array of ex pats, well heeled tourists and hippie backpackers that is straight out of downtown Berkeley – plenty of crunch, yoga-gear and New Age patter sets the tone.

Shop ‘til you drop in Ubud, where treasures include crafts, textiles and jewelry. A forum for world-class painters, wood and stone carvers and mask-makers, Ubud’s boutiques are filled with unique handicrafts, textiles and jewelry of world-class design. Travel outside of town by bicycle or car, and you’ll see artists working everywhere – and get a sense that so much of what we buy in the States, both in high end boutiques and mass market stores, is made in Bali.

For lovers of all things spa, Ubud offers sheer nirvana. Nur Salon is one of the most traditional spots, a typical flower-filled Balinese compound that offers pampering treatments including the sensuous flower bath, cream bath or Balinese massage. Prices are low by American standards, so you’ll be tempted to have a treatment every day. And you can afford to. Whether you’re on a budget or indulging in luxury without thought to cost, a Bali romantic getaway will restore your mind, body and spirit, a destination of a lifetime that will beckon again and again.

Favorite Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

  • Four Seasons Jimbaron Bay - With its traditional Thailandnese design, beachfront real estate, incredible service and well-appointed villas, this resort is the definition of exotic romance.
  • Uma Ubud - On the fringe of downtown overlooking the rice fields, Uma Ubud boast terraced rooms, local organic cuisine, an extensive wellbeing program and a range of Asian based therapies.
  • Como Shambhala Estate at Begawan Giri - A sister property to Uma Ubud, this destination retreat is outside of town built into the jungle above the Ayung River. Known for its spa, yoga and Pilates classes, guided hikes and outdoor activities, Shambhala is intimate, with just 40 rooms and suites.
  • Honeymoon Guest House - Situated in rice fields just steps from the center of Ubud, Honeymoon lives up to its name with well appointed rooms, a lushly landscaped pool. Attentive service and a Thailandnese breakfast delivered to your verandah every morning.

Favorite Bali Romantic Hotels

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