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Romantic Guide to Barbados

Barbados Activities and Attractions

The most visited attraction on the island, Harrison's Cave is an elaborate underground system of stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls, pools and unique "cave showers." In the parish of St. Thomas, this wonderland of nature is the only cave of its kind in the Caribbean where electric- powered carts travel underground while tour guides explain every nook and cranny to curious tourists.

Wander through Welchman Hall Gully with its incredible vegetation, nature trail, hundreds of bird species and chattering tiny vervet monkeys. In the parish of St. Thomas, the gully is also home to bamboo trees and majestic coconut palms. Formed by the collapsed roofs of the caves, the gully is geologically connected to Harrison's Cave making it the perfect spot to visit after an underground tour.

Shopping on Broad Street in Bridgetown is a duty-free delight as tourists are offered discounts by presenting a passport and departure air ticket. Popular pit stops include the Cave Shepherd, the island's largest department store, Harrison's for a tempting array of clothing and electronics and the many smaller shops that line Swan Street, parallel to Broad Street.

A short walk from the Barbados Museum, George Washington House is the only international locale visited by the first President who spent six weeks in the Georgian-style mansion to take care of his ill brother. An ideal tour for American history buffs, the popular attraction also has one of the most unique gift shops on the island stocked with American presidential memorabilia.

Meet and greet turtles and sea horses amidst the fringes and reefs that dot the many scuba diving sites. The barrier reef one mile off-shore is visually stunning with large coral heads that form the habitat for zillions of rainbow-colored fish. The Hawksbill Turtle, Frog Fish and Giant Sand Eels can also be found on these reefs. Shipwrecks worth exploring include the centuries-old Stavronikita that lies less than half a mile from the shore.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is enchanting for sightings of the famous Barbados green monkey, mongoose, peacocks, tortoises, porcupines and iguanas that hide in the low lying branches. The native critters are accustomed to people and will happily pose for vacation snaps.

Enjoy a rum punch with the expert shakers at the Mount Gay Rum Distillery where tours are given and tastings poured. After the tour (and a few samples), dig into tasty Bajan cuisine in the Verandah restaurant that overlooks the sea. Many of the hotels and resorts arrange day-long excursions to the Distillery for those over eighteen years old only.

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