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Romantic Guide to British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Activities and Attractions

by Rowena Carr-Allinson

The archipelago of the BVI include some 60 volcanic islands surging out of the sea with a jagged, rough coastline dotted with pristine white sandy beaches. Unspoilt, lush and genuine, the exotic islets have a wealth of sea, sun, sand and solitude. Deserted beaches lined with swaying palm trees are tucked away amongst the many tiny coves and inlets, reminiscent of glossy brochures selling paradise.

Devils Bay

Setting out for Peter Island by boat, the journey across the tempting turquoise waters is full of promises. A private resort, it's worth a visit for the snorkelling alone. The main beach, Deadman’s Beach, earned its sinister name when Black Beard left 15 pirates stranded with just one bottle of Rum. One escaped and made it to the shore, the rest, as they say, is history. At night, steel drum bands entertain, guests chat, and, romantics twirl, though most retreat to their swish sea view cottages.

Snorkelling to the ‘Indians’ provides prime underwater viewing. The area is dotted with protected dive sites and recognized as one of the world’s best.  The marine life is a blinding rainbow of colours and Salt Island’s 310-foot wreck makes for a diver’s paradise.

Heading out to Jost Van Dyke makes an ideal daytrip adventure. With just 150 inhabitants, it is an unspoilt oasis. Although it seems there is little to do but relax on White Bay beach and sip Rum and coconut based Painkillers in the Soggy Dollar Bar (once only accessible by swimming to shore), there is more action on the paradise island! The crystal clear waters offer a multitude of distractions, but the highlight, back on dry land, is driving ATVs (all terrain quad bikes) from beach to bush and tarmac roads. It’s a dusty but fun way to take in the fantastic vistas including Diamond Bay and the picture postcard atoll of Sandy Cay.

Jost Van Dyke is also a Mecca for the yachting crowd with Foxy’s as its shine. Famous the world over, this beach shack is a laid back place to take a break while the legendary Foxy tells his dubious jokes between Calypso renditions.

Jost Van Dyke

The island that has the most to offer has to be Virgin Gorda. A paradise for honeymooners, they say that there are three different paces here: slow, slower and full stop.

Crime free and friendly, like most of the BVI, Virgin Gorda is home to roaming wildlife: goats, geckos, iguanas and cattle wander around, oblivious to their human neighbours. Nature rules thanks to the island’s strict real estate regulations: not a condo in sight. As well as vibrant coral reefs, and immaculate beaches, the unique Baths in Devil’s Bay are a must see sight. Giant scattered boulders give the beach a Tahitian feel and a complex maze of grottos to explore.

Over on the North Eastern tip of Virgin Gorda is Biras Creek. Located in a unique setting, it sits between the peaceful Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean so, no matter which way you turn, you are surrounded by tones of brilliant blue. Biras Creek is a low-key hideaway but has recently undergone a luxurious makeover.

From the arrival at the jetty with its crystal clear turquoise waters amidst the mangroves, to the smiling faces all around, guests and staff alike. Rooms are allotted bicycles, a different way to get from a to b, or rather from bed, to beach, bar and beyond. An affiliation to the Relais & Chateaux group is synonymous with charm, character, gourmet cuisine and top end service.

The beauty of Biras Creek, aside from its lush vegetation, Oceanside pool, colourful bursts of oleander and bougainvillea and its jaw dropping setting, is its total sense of freedom. The use of a fleet of ‘Boston whaler’ dinghies means you are totally free to come and go and explore neighbouring deserted beaches. The tip of the island is home to the Bitter End Yacht Club, the last point of call before the open Atlantic.

There is plenty to see. Across the sound, lies Prickly Pear, an uninhabited Natural Reserve protected by banks of mangroves that dip their spindly roots into the shallow waters. The glaring white beaches are empty save for the tiny SandBox bar, a welcome watering hole.

The charming 140 acre estate really feels like your own private tropical sanctuary. Freedom to roam, outstanding natural beauty and first class food make it a hidden heaven well off the beaten path. A definite must.

Photos Courtesy of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board

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