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California Romantic Getaways

California holds a vast array of options for romantic getaways. There are plenty of activities including: beach lounging, wine tasting, clubing, disneyland, mountain hideaways for snow or sun, and desert escapes. The vast terrain in California offers a little bit of everything to make it one of the best destinations in the USA for a dream honeymoon.

Taste world class wine at one of the many California vineyards, particularly in Sonoma or Napa Counties. Be a kid for a day, or a week! at Disneyland. Soak up the dry, hot sun of Palm Springs. Enjoy the fine dining, shopping, museums and clubs of Los Angeles. Head up to Mammoth Mountain for a week of skiing and stay at luxury resorts. Head to San Diego for amazing beaches. Or, do a little bit of everything!! Whatever your preference, California honeymoon travel offers a little bit for everyone.

Romantic California Destinations:

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