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Romantic Guide to Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Activities and Attractions

Diving & Snorkeling:

With more than 200 dive sites, the warm & calm waters of the Cayman Islands are the perfect scuba diving and snorkeling location. Most sites have over 100 feet visibility and have diverse marine life. From extraordinary walls covered in colorful coral and sponges to shallow reefs filled with an assortment of fish and other marine life. Diving or snorkeling in these warm waters is a must-do on a honeymoon in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands


Enjoy the beautiful, powder soft beaches of the Cayman Islands. The favorite is on Grand Cayman, the 7-mile Beach, which is full of resorts and activities facing calm and clear waters. This is a great beach for swimming or just relaxing.


There are many water activities to keep couples busy for weeks. Some of the favorites include: swimming, kayaking, paddleboats, fishing, glass bottom boats, waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, hobbie cats and wave runners.


Water temperatures do not vary more than 10 degrees throughout the year, so fishing opportunities are good yearlong in the Cayman Islands. For bait fishing or game fishing, this is a great destination.


The Cayman Islands are often referred to as "The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean." There are a lot of dining options and quality dining for couples that prefer fine dining.

Photo Courtesy of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

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