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Romantic Guide to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs and Shows

Nightlife is an extension of daylife in the Dominican Republic, where the island rhythms never stop. If you're in Punta Cana, your resort will most likely have its own nightclub or host a tropical night with live music and dance. Local off-resort hot spots are only a short cab drive away.

In Santo Domingo you'll find world-class nightclubs where reggaeton, merengue and salsa rule supreme. One of the most famous discos in the capital is La Guacara Taina, where you and your baby can dance the night away in an underground cavern.

La Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo

The cities of Puerto Plata and Sosua are more low-key, which is a perfect fit for some. Here you can stroll along city sidewalks and drop into open-air bars or less glitzy clubs and discos.

Throughout the country you can tempt Lady Luck at casinos, where gaming action and live entertainment vie for your attention.

If you and your honey are baseball fans, take in a night game at one the country's stadiums. Dominicans are passionate about the sport and some of the best players in the world hail from the D.R.

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