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Romantic European Castles

by Leah Wensink

Fairy-tale honeymoons. Are they out of reach? For the many who’ve wished they could live like royalty after their wedding, that dream doesn’t have to end. Here are some real-life castles with the scenery, fine dining and lavish décor that will make your honeymoon wishes come true.

Dromoland Castle – Ireland

Service, luxury, and old-world style make Dromoland Castle a unique and magical getaway. With the staff waiting on you hand and foot, you will truly feel like royalty. Aside from service, the castle has indulgent food and a challenging golf course.

Parador de Alarcon – Alarcon, Spain

Enjoy a medieval Arabian night in this truly historic 8th century Arab castle. Nestled on a Spanish hillside, Parador de Alarcon takes you back in time with its period dining room and decorative touches. Enjoy modern-day luxury in this well-preserved beautiful castle.

Dalhousie Castle – Scotland

Only twenty minutes from Edinburgh, Dalhousie Castle promises a stress-free stay, complete with interesting leisure activities. Beyond it’s warm décor and lighting, they offer a variety of activities, such as the on-site falconry. Also, only 5 minutes from the castle is Roslyn Chapel, which was featured in “The DaVinci Code.” With these and many other activities, a warm, inviting room at the Dalhousie Castle won’t disappoint at the end of a long day.

Lapa Palace – Lisbon, Portugal

Luxury and indulgence abound at Lapa Palace. Whether you choose not to leave your lavish room, bathe in Lisbon’s glorious sun on the tropical pool deck, you’ll find yourself pampered and impressed.

Chateau D’Esclimont – St.-Symphorien-le-Chateau, France

Tucked an hour outside of Paris’ city limits, Chateau D’Esclimont provides a perfect honeymoon getaway with its large, wooded grounds, fine dining and romantic architecture, turrets moats and all. Sit back and enjoy a glass of the delicious area wine and let your fairy tale dreams come true.

Isle Marie – Normandy, France

Isle Marie is more than just another beautiful castle. It is part of a Protected Park, and for those lucky enough to visit in winter, the grounds flood and circle the castle like a beautiful lake. In spring, the waters recede, bearing beautiful gardens. When not enjoying the immense grounds, take a moment to relax in the drawing room by the fireplace. You’ll feel your cares melt away in this perfect honeymoon getaway.

Schloss Monchstein – Salzburg, Austria

For those seeking fresh air, breathtaking scenery and classical music, Schloss Monchstein is a perfect honeymoon destination. Rooms at this castle resemble hotel rooms more than other castles listed here, but the rooms are well appointed and elegant. Book a package through the website, and pair your fairy-tale stay with local entertainment for maximum value.

Castle Ten Berghe – Bruges, Belgium

Castle Ten Berghetowers over its water-encircled surroundings. The majestic castle features ornate, tasteful period décor, and luxurious bedrooms with beautiful wooden furniture. After exploring the castle, head into Bruges, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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