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Romantic Guide to Italy

Best Italy Destination Weddings

by Connie Costa

For the couple in search of an unforgettable wedding destination, which includes breathtaking scenery, a touch of style, and sophistication, Italy is the perfect choice. Weddings in Italy are amazingly romantic. A popular destination for centuries, Italy gives you the option of hosting your wedding in a villa rich in history or amid unspoiled nature. Or perhaps indulge in your most extravagant dreams in a historic castle where you can become royalty on your special day. In Italy, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The Island of Sicily

Sicily is significantly more affordable than most of Italy which is great for couples who have champagne taste on a beer’s budget. In terms of nature alone, from the sea to the mountains, to the famous Etna Volcano, Sicily feels like a world of its own. The climate is mostly warm throughout the year and the winter weather is mild; this makes it an ideal wedding location for those who want to get married in the winter but do not want to bother with the winter weather. Besides the beauty of Sicilian landscapes, the warmth of the Sicilian people welcomes you as if you were family.

One of Italy’s most culturally diverse regions over the centuries, it has been conquered by several nations. Subsequently, their influence is very apparent. Roman, Baroque and Greek influences will provide a stunning backdrop for your photos and, more importantly, for your memories. Arguably, Sicilians are most proud of their delectable cuisine. Unique to the region, the Sicilian menu is filled with seafood, decadent desserts and gelato. You won’t regret choosing this island as your wedding destination.

Tuscany Region

For many, Tuscany embodies the essence of Italy. Stroll through classic scenery, marvelous architecture and medieval villages.  Tuscany’s marquis city, Florence, boasts countless breathtaking structures, cathedrals, and bridges that line the Arno River. There are glorious museums with well-preserved masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s “David”. Aside from well known cities, Tuscany has hidden gems to make your own like Siena, Lucca and Arezzo.

Tuscany is famous for its lush countryside with miles and miles of vineyards. Some of the best wines in the world are produced here. Tuscany also has some amazing coastal cities such as Forte dei Marmi and small islands such as Elba. Whether it is the cities, the countryside or the unforgettable beaches, a wedding in any part of Tuscany will be incredibly romantic and full of unforgettable memories.

Veneto Region

Venice is one of the most popular spots to get married in the world. Its romantic atmosphere is unparalleled. The canals, gondola rides, and bridges are the perfect setting for the ultimate romantic wedding. Outside of Venice, there are other cities that are also great options. Verona, Padova, Vicenza, Belluno and all have their own splendor and are certain to not disappoint. Marrying in the Veneto region is an excellent choice that will provide you with an incredibly romantic day that you will always remember.

Lazio Region

If you would like to marry in a city that is akin to an “open museum”, then Italy’s capital, Rome, is for you. On your wedding day, your walk down the aisle will transcend the norm. Anywhere you stroll in Rome is rich in history. Admire its impressive gardens, majestic fountains and historical sites. Other great cities are Ostica Antica, Viterbo, Tivoli, Tarquinia and Rieti. Every city has its own story and monuments to explore.Unbeknownst to tourist, the islands of Pontine are stunning and should be visited. Undoubtedly, Lazio is one of the most fascinating regions of Italy.

Lombardy Region

The Lombardy region is also an excellent wedding destination. Milan, often likened to New York, is full of nightlife and fun things to do. Even the most sophisticated partygoer will be impressed with its colorful nightlife. Outside of Milan there are several areas that might be the perfect setting for your wedding. For couples in search of a large-scale Italian wedding, cities such as Mantova or Bergamo are historical sites full of castles and impressive monuments. Most striking about this region, however, are the several Lakes and picturesque towns that surround them. There is Lake Garda, d’Iseo, Maggiore, Lugano and of course, the most famous one, Como which is home to George Clooney. The scenery of these lakes are absolutely awe-inspiring and might just be the perfect choice for your wedding.

Places to wed in Italy:


  • Locanda del'Amorosa
  • Villa Marsili Hotel
  • Palazzo Brandano


  • Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo
  • Hotel Castello
  • Ca' dei Dogi

Lazio Region:

  • Capo d'Africa Hotel
  • Sunterra at Palazzo Catalani
  • Il Colle degli Ulivi

Lombardy Region:

  • La Valletta Relais
  • Hotel Aurora
  • Villa d'Este

Amalfi Coast:

  • Hotel Buca di Bacco
  • Hotel Poseidon
  • Luna Convento Hotel
  • Hotel Caruso Ravello

For the legalities pertaining to getting married in Italy, please click here.

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