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Romantic Guide to Jamaica

Jamaica Romantic Getaways

With an intoxicating cocktail of natural beauty, luxury resorts, vibrant nightlife and friendly locals, Jamaica has earned legions of adoring fans who return year after year in search of their island paradise. At 4,244 square miles, Jamaica is about the size of Connecticut and within two hundred miles of the Florida coastline in the western Caribbean Sea.

Originally volcanic, the majestic Blue Mountains soar to 7,402 feet which is higher than any other mountain range in the eastern half of North America. Snow white beaches ring the island with the sandiest stretches on the northwest coast. Much of the island is limestone with underground caves and offshore reefs that provide natural filters for the water and tons of fun for divers and snorkelers. Dewy pine forests and fabulously colored flowers flourish on the tall mountains where the evenings can be refreshingly chilly.

One of the top five tourist destinations in the world, Jamaica is also celebrated by those in love and those looking for love. From Kingston to Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay and the unspoiled south coast, romance reigns supreme. Reliably warm temperatures and year-round sunshine attracts travelers from around the world who come to tour the historic sites, get down with the pulsating rhythms of reggae, ride horseback in the sea, golf on one of many championship courses, enjoy a spicy platter of jerk chicken, sail at sunset, hike through the mountains, take a dip in a waterfall or take five on a chaise lounge. From swanky seaside resorts to cozy guest houses in the country and modern hi-rise hotels in the city, Jamaica is irie, mon!

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