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Romantic Guide to Jamaica

Love & Romance in Jamaica: Five Romantic Things To Do

Blue Lagoon

In Port Antonio, Blue Lagoon is the movie-famous water hole renowned for its vivid blue color. Accessed via a narrow lane tucked behind the road or on a small boat, the lagoon is perfect for couples vying for quality alone-time as it's rarely crowded. Legend tells the story that the most famous spot in Portland is actually bottomless and home to dragons that hide in the depths. In reality, the lagoon is without dragons but enchanting with its deep blue water and funky eatery that serves lunch on banana leaves.

Rick's Caf'

About an hour before sunset, adventure kicks into high gear at Rick's Caf' on the West End cliffs in Negril. A popular location to view the sun disappear behind the horizon, fruity cocktails are served to spectators watching the divers plummet gracefully off the cliffs. For a real treat, the green flash visible on cloudless nights is believed to bring true love to couples lucky enough to see it.

Shaw Park Gardens

Nothing says romance sweeter than a stroll through Shaw Park Gardens high in the hills overlooking Ocho Rios. With picturesque vistas of the seaside town below, the gardens are photo-ready for a wedding and ideal for a reception. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea on twenty five acres of tropical splendor, the Gardens sparkle with glistening waterfalls that cascade gently down the rocky hills and flamboyant flowers in rainbow colors that perfume the air.

Lover's Leap

The storied cliff overlooking Cutlass Bay on the south coast is aptly dubbed Lover's Leap and is one of the most striking views on the island. Rather than be separated, the story goes, two young slaves jumped to their deaths after their secret affair was exposed. The lookout offers a fantastic vantage point to see the birds, clouds and light aircraft that are below the highest point. Keeping the theme, the on-site restaurant is appropriately decorated with heart-shaped motifs.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

West of Montego Bay, Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in the winsome town of Anchovy offers the opportunity to feed hummingbirds including the Doctor Bird, Jamaica's national critter. Open since 1954, the birds are tame enough to fly down from the trees, perch on your finger, drink nectar from a bird feeder and eat millet seed from your hand. Guided tours are offered and there is a small gift shop selling cutesy bird-themed souvenirs.

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