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Lana'i is a privately owned Island and tends to be the driest of the Hawaiian destinations and therefore not the most lush either. Although a trip to the Dole Plantation may appease your historical interest, there is not much Pineapple on the Island of Lanai anymore. But the island definitely has its charms and if you are looking for a golfer’s paradise, you may want to make this your romance haven. Serious golfers say that going 18 at the Challenge at Manele, a Jack Nicklaus designed course, is worth the trip in itself. Or golf at the Greg Norman designed Koele golf course.

Although it can be easy to do nothing but soak in the rays or stroll on the beach with your new spouse, a romantic getaway on Lanai offers many activities and beautiful sites. Hulopoe Beach and Manele Bay are gorgeous. You won’t find many crowds here either, just vast stretches of great beaches waiting for you to put your towels down and your umbrella up to share your honeymoon moments.

Snorkeling is among the very best in the islands, and the conservatory area in Hulopoe Bay is considered the best spot for seeing tropical reef fish. Tide pools are exceptional on the island as well. Spinner dolphins also abound in the area’s warm waters. Typical water sports and activities are available such as sailing, surfing, scuba, snorkeling, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and the usual boating opportunities and excursions. Horseback riding is considered great, and if you are experienced, going trotting on the beach or into the hills overlooking that drop into the blue ocean can be arranged. If you rent a vehicle, make it a four-wheel drive. Easy day trips can be taken, so check out Shipwreck, Lopa, and Polihua Beaches.

Another great spot on the island is Keahikawelo or the “Garden of the Gods”. Don’t look for lush green tropical forest here. It is a unique area of buttes, peaks, canyons, rocks and boulders some in marvelous sculpture shape and others seemly “placed” atop there locations ready to just drop off and roll away. There are many native legends about this area. Like in other natural places in the Hawaiian islands, legend says to leave nature well enough alone. Pele does not look kindly on removing rock lava and we suspect other items are best left to the Gods.

There is not a lot of shopping in Lanai City, but there are a few nice galleries with quality local artwork and stores with decent non-touristy gift items. The resorts on Lanai offer a secluded, private honeymoon experience. Four Seasons has taken over two of the island’s most favorite resorts which had been getting a bit tattered, and invested millions to renovate both to 5-star, luxury quality, both with fantastic golf and spa facilities. Lanai romantic honeymoons are perfect for kicking back, relaxing and spending private time together. 

Best Lanai Romantic Resorts:

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