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Romantic Guide to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Romantic Getaways

Historically, Fremont Street is where Vegas began. Beginning as a small railroad stop at the turn of the century, Fremont Street is now one of the brightest streets in the world. For decades, this was one of the best places to cruise in a convertible car. Now, pedestrians fill the streets, as well as souvenir shops, kiosks, and an abundance of casinos. These casinos are smaller, older and less lavish, but the area has its own charm. Also, catch the outdoor light show, which is known as the Fremont Street Experience.

Even with many attractions a short distance from the Strip, most visitors tend to focus on this 3.5-mile-long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard. Here is where you will find the most luxurious hotels in Vegas. Most hotels have a medley of activities to keep you from leaving, including casinos, fine dining, shopping, shows, and clubs. And during the day, each distinctive hotel pool is full of loungers. The Vegas pools are such a big deal, most people choose the hotel based on the pool!

If you want to spend a little time away from the casinos and action, take one of the many day trips available from Vegas. Some amazing recreational areas nearby include the spectacular Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Mt. Charleston and the quaint little town of Boulder City, the only town in the state of Nevada where gambling remains illegal. Or for a little mechanical admiration, check out Hoover Dam.

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