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Molokai Romantic Getaways

Not well known by many, Molokai is a pristine, romantic island virtually untouched by man. It is an ideal Hawaii destination for those who long for privacy and seclusion. A Molokai romantic getaways include inspirational sunsets, dinner by moonlight, private walks on secluded beaches and intimate moments at one of the islands accommodating lodges, condos or beach houses. This is definitely not a place to vacation if you’re into luxurious resort spas and nightlife. Other than the Sheraton Molokai Lodge & Beach Village, there are no resorts, in fact there isn’t even a traffic light on Molokai Island.

You will find nature unspoiled and ready to embrace you as you hike and drive through its lush, green valleys or ride horseback along its dramatic, pristine coast viewing its awesome sea cliffs. If you are seeking a place for just the two of you, here you can seek out beaches where you are the only souls in sight. For active couples, there is a lot to do on your honeymoon on Molokai. Ocean lovers have great surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and wind surfing. Many exciting trips include whale-watching excursions, deep sea fishing, renting a small sailboat or touring the island on a graceful sailing sloop.

For land lovers, you can visit one of the historical sites such as Father Damien Church, the famous priest of the lepers, or travel to the south coast to see the centuries-old ancient fishponds. Drive down highway 450 to view the islands natural landmarks, including the beautiful Halawa Valley Drive where “Bell Stones” were used as drums to announce the birth of a future King. The mountains, valley and coast offer many opportunities for hiking and camping. Enjoy romantic picnics, along with great swimming, surfing or fishing at Halawa Beach Park. Check with locals or on line for best times. Other landmarks worthy of your honeymoon time are Kalaupapa Lookout, Halawa Valley Lookout and Papohaku Beach. For something different, visit the Purdy’s Macadamia Nut Farm or shop in Maunaloa town, on the isolated west side of the island.

A unique experience for brave couples is hiking into Hipuapua and Moaula Falls in the Halawa Valley. Bring your swimsuits. Access to the falls is only available by permission and it is highly recommended that you go with an experienced guide. Molokai has some of the highest and most rugged sea cliffs of all the islands. You can see the cliffs while riding a mule down a sea cliff to the beautiful Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

Best Molokai Honeymoon Resorts

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