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Oahu Romantic Getaways

The island of Oahu is perfect for romance, honeymoons, nightlife and affordability. The Travel & Leisure Magazine survey rated Honolulu as its top romantic destination spot for couples. This bustling island has ample opportunity for intimacy, even if you are staying in Honolulu. Kayak to the Mokulua Islands for a private picnic lunch a bird sanctuary. Or, stroll hand-in-hand through Honolulu’s historical districts and find treasures in the marketplace. Check out Art After Dark at the Honolulu Academy of Arts the last Friday of every month.

Oahu has a rich history. The Royal Hawaiian family lived there for 500 years, leaving plenty of opportunities to learn about their fascinating culture. Enjoy the Iolani Palace, the Bishop Museum, the Hawaii State Art Museum, Queen Kapiolani Garden, to name just a few ways to see Hawaiian culture. Visit Kuhio Beach, where the Kahuna Priests laid the sacred blessed stones of Pohaku over 1600 years ago. Or listen to ancient chants and ceremonies at Hale o Lono Heiau. For more recent history, a trip to Pearl Harbor is imminent, but also check out the North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum to learn all about Hawaiian surfing history.

For those who love to be active on land or in the water, there are plenty of breathtaking beaches and scenery to explore. Go sailing or snorkeling off Waikiki. Get close and personal with a dolphin.  Parasail past Diamond Head. And for those real danger seekers, get in a steel cage and snub your nose at a shark. Mountain bike through a lush tropical rainforest. Golf on some of the most beautiful yet challenging courses. Take Yoga or tai chi classes on the beach. And when the day is done, there is still plenty to do at night. For the best assortment of nightlife in Hawaii, Oahu is the best choice.  There are plenty of bars, clubs, concerts and other unique evening events.

Best Oahu Romantic Resorts

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