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Romantic Guide to Puerto Rico

Love & Romance in Puerto Rico:
Five Romantic Things To Do

Puerto Rico's Bioluminescent Bays

There are only a few places in the world where you can explore a bioluminescent bay, with Puerto Rico being one of them. A bioluminescent bay offers a beguiling glowing show you'll observe from a kayak or small motor boat. When tiny single-cell animals in the water called dinoflagellates are frightened, they release a neon green light to confuse their predators. Disturb the water with your hand or paddle and it's a veritable light show. Lajas, Fajardo and Vieques all have bioluminescent bays, with Vieques being the most enthralling.

Rainforest Hiking in El Yunque

There's nothing more romantic than a waterfall and El Yunque - a national rainforest park to the island's east - is loaded with them. Spending a day in the deep green loveliness of El Yunque, hiking its trails or just finding a quiet spot for a picnic, is a relaxing, life-affirming experience. If hiking isn't your thing, the rainforest is easily explored by car along well-maintained roads. Bring a swimsuit ' you can swim in some of the falls.

Explore Old San Juan

You and your sweetheart can take a walk back in time with a stroll through Old San Juan, a walled city founded by Ponce de Le'n back in 1509, with narrow streets lined with shops and restaurants. Here you can explore historic buildings and churches. The piece de resistance is El Morro, a huge fort with extensive grounds. Make like a San Juan native and buy a kite from a vendor at El Morro and send it aloft with a romantic wish.

Culebra Island

This is Puerto Rico's getaway island, a place where beaches reign supreme and big development is nowhere to be seen. Culebra is easily reached by ferry. Make sure you visit its signature Flamenco Beach, shaped like a horseshoe with a gorgeous backdrop of green hills.

Dancing Salsa

Salsa is one of the sexiest dances in the world and no one dances salsa like the people of Puerto Rico. You'll hear salsa throughout the island, but the best clubs are in San Juan, with the Nuyorican Caf' being a real standout. It may take a little practice, but the friendly salseros and salseras will show you the ropes. If you and your honey find yourself bewitched by the dance, there are salsa schools eager to make you an expert.

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