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San Francisco Romantic Getaways

By Jane Cassie - Photos by Brent Cassie

Being a weatherperson for the city of San Francisco could be a daunting task. In the morning you could be in shirt sleeves and under clear skies, in the afternoon, enshrouded by mystical fog, and by evening huddled beneath an umbrella. Yet, in spite of the variances, it certainly doesn’t dampen the spirits of honeymooners. In fact, this "cool, grey city of love," as quoted by the famous poet, George Sterling, is truly romantic, no matter what the forecast is.

San Francisco Honeymoon

Popular Spots for Pairs

As well as taking in the tourist treasures like Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square, the ‘just married’ can be found cuddling on cable cars, caressing on harbor cruises and sauntering along the stretches of sand. There’s Ocean Beach, the city’s largest, that rims the entire west side, scenic Bakers’ Beach, with its backdrop of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, and the popular China Beach that overlooks those awesome sunsets. Have a picnic, share a beach blanket, splash in the surf. It’s the perfect place to fall in love over and over again! Check out these other sandy playgrounds where you can create more waves.

One Stop Sightseeing Shopping

For romantics who have a cultural craving, The City Pass coupon book may be the way to go. As well as including a number of museums there are various tourist attractions –and all for one very reasonable price. By supplementing it with the list of the sweetheart suggestions below, newlyweds will get a lot more bang for their honeymooning buck.

Soaring Hearts

Get a real lift while flight-seeing, heli-style. San Francisco Helicopters have been offering whirly bird tours since 1976 and as well as sweeping newlyweds off their feet they’ll provide an awesome city panorama in just thirty minutes! You’ll peer down at Alcatraz, the infamous island prison where mobsters like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly did time, fly above (and under!) the Golden Gate Bridge that spans the glistening bay, and glide above skyscrapers that frame this picturesque peninsula.

San Francisco

Real Live Action

As well as being culturally tempted by the city’s twenty plus museums there’s one particular live performance that would even tweak Aphrodite’s interest. Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest running musical revue in theatre history, is a wild and wacky parody on American pop culture. It features outrageous entertainers who are decked out in flamboyant costumes, massive hats and big hair. Some mimic famous actors and not so popular politicians, others try to help Snow White find her true love. All four hundred seats in the cabaret style, Club Fugazio, offer a good view, but you’ll need to book early as most shows sell out.

When the Sun Goes Down

If the night stage isn’t really your thing, fear not, every neighborhood in this city has distinct vibes when the sun goes down. Hip hop buffs may be lured South of the Market to the SOMA district where the electronic beat flows nightly from a number of the clubs. Those who prefer to rock till they drop will get their wish in the Mission District after checking out one of the fun-loving watering holes. If you’re looking for a little more upscale and sophisticated chic, you may want to test out a diner in the The Marina district. And for action around the clock, North Beach, A.K.A. Little Italy, is the place to meander. Whether sipping on a latte or a glass of fine wine, this energizing area offers everything from late night partying to mighty fine pasta.

Hand Holding Hills

There’ll be lots of palm to palm and heavy breathing going on when you tackle a few of San Francisco’s slopes! From Russian Hill, you can traipse down Lombard, a hairpin street that’s rated as one of the most crooked in the world. A plod up Nob Hill will take you past elite luxurious condos where the wealthy hang out. And on Telegraph Hill you can soak in the sunset from the 360 degree view-boasting Coit Tower. This beacon not only commemorates San Francisco’s volunteer fire department but also dubs as a romantic lookout, whatever time of day.

Cozy Nooks and Neighborhood

San Francisco is dotted with uniquely flavored neighborhoods and each one sports its own personality and allure. Chinatown, clad in festive colours, offers everything from decorative dragons to delicious dim sum. Pacific Heights lined with homes of the posh and privileged is certainly worth a peek, and Union Square boasting everything from big wig name brands to savvy boutiques will appease even the most discerned consumer.

And as well as viewing award-winning films in the Castro area, and posing in front of pretty pink ladies (Victorian homes) in Alamo Square, make sure to browse through the famous Haight-Ashbury. After all, it was the original hippy haunt where be-ins and flower power once blossomed, not to mention, where free-love once reigned.

Favorite Hotels in San Francisco

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