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Romantic Guide to St. Kitts and Nevis

Love & Romance in St. Kitts and Nevis: Five Romantic Things To Do

Turtle Beach

In St. Kitts, spend an afternoon on Turtle Beach named in honor of the large sea critters that lay their eggs in the sand. Fronting the beach and renowned for its innovative menu, The Beach House is lovely for lunch or dinner and frequented by not only tourists but also by friendly Vervet monkeys who gladly share a bite of food or a sip of a cocktail. Hire a boat for sightings of dolphins or whales that pass through during the winter months.

Sandy Bank Beach

Refreshingly calm, Sandy Bank Beach fronts the Atlantic Ocean and according to local legend, is the beach with a palatable romantic aura. Taking a dip in the warm waters or strolling across the white sand is all there is to do as the beach is without crowds, restaurants or water sports vendors. Bring a towel, a good book and a bottle of vino for an afternoon that nurtures the fine art of doing nothing.

Brimstone Hill

An imposing stone fortress built by slaves during the 18th century, Brimstone Hill is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most visited attraction in St. Kitts. With a unique museum, small gift shop stocked with local crafts and supreme vistas of the north coast, the Hill is a bucket list to-do. Hiking to the top is popular with adventurous couples while taking five on a picnic bench suits everyone else.

Romantic Sugar Railway

St. Kitts Sugar Train

Hop aboard the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, better known as the 'Sugar Train', that uses the same tracks built in 1912 to carry sugar cane from the plantations to the factory in Basseterre. Today, the train whisks passengers on a spirited tour of the island on double-decker cars that circle the coastline in two hours passing Brimstone Hill, the site of Thomas Jefferson's great-great-grandfather's grave at Old Town Road, abandoned windmills and a canopy of rainforest vegetation along the slopes of Mt. Liamuiga.

Old Road Town

For an authentic Kittian experience, head to Old Road Town and enjoy lunch with the locals at Sprat Net, a beachside eatery as down home as the town itself. Visitors are welcome to join a game of dominoes, watch the chickens as they carefully cross the road and snap photos under the Bottle Tree where dozens of plastic bottles are strung from the branches. Up the road to Stone Fort and you'll find Murial Seaton-Paul who strings unique necklaces that she from horse-eye beans.

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