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Romantic Guide to St. Maarten/St. Martin

Love & Romance on St. Maarten/St. Martin:
Five Romantic Things To Do

Mullet Beach

A leisurely stroll from the lively village of Maho, Mullet Beach is tops for its snow white sand and slow rolling waves. Adjacent to the islands only golf course, the beach wows with jazzy bands performing at night, volleyball games on the sand and beach barbecues on Sunday afternoons. Popular with locals, Mullet is one of the finest slivers to take five under the hot sun, lime with the islanders and snap photos as the sherbet-colored sun makes its way behind the clouds.

Yvette's bistro

Ask any St. Maartener about pan-fried snapper and you'll get an earful about Yvette's bistro in the French Quarter. Folksy and un-touristy, the cherished eatery is a national treasure patronized by generations of locals and savvy foodies from abroad. The dishes are so renowned that a cookbook of Chef Yvette's finest recipes is the perfect gift for the sweetie who likes to cook.

Horseback or Carriage Rides

Horseback riding at the Lucky Stables includes romantic horse and carriage rides at dusk and riding the trails through craggy hills and sweet gardens. With a stable of Antillianos, a local breed known for their friendly nature, riding bareback in the sea is a popular adventure for couples. And for one of the most unique spots to propose marriage, the staff will arrange a Champagne Night Ride.

Art of Antoine Chapon

From his studio overlooking the Baie de Cul-de-sac on the French side, Antoine Chapon interprets the serenity of the sea with oils and watercolors and is delighted to offer guests a tour of his home and studio. The acclaimed artist has also opened a gift shop selling an impressive array of his work.


Cycling around the island is one of the most popular ways to explore the terrain. Full of trails, the most picturesque route is a fifteen-mile trip starting from Simpson Bay Lagoon on the Dutch side, past Mullet Bay Beach and winding up in Marigot on the French side for a climb to the top of historic Fort St. Louis.

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