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Romantic Guide to the US Virgin Islands

Love & Romance in the USVI: Five Romantic Things To Do

The USVI is suffused with romance, from its white sand beaches to its intimate restaurants tucked away in verdant hills. There are some special places that should be on every couples list.

Jack's Bay

On St. Croix, plan a trip to Jack's Bay, for a day of appreciating nature and each other. You can only reach Jack's Bay via small boat or by walking along a footpath for about 20 minutes. You'll have plenty of privacy for a beach picnic and superb snorkeling at this haven for nesting Hawksbill and Green Turtles.

Bordeaux Point

St. John is sometimes referred to as 'Love City.' One of the favorite spots for lovers is Bordeaux Point, the highest point on the island, soaring to a height of 1,300 feet above sea level. You don't have to play mountaineer to enjoy the sights, since a road brings you almost to the top of Bordeaux Mountain, where you'll enjoy views of the sea and neighboring St. Thomas and St. Croix. Pucker up at the top - it's a tradition to share a kiss on Bourdeaux Point.

St. Thomas Skyride

Hold tight to your baby as you take a scenic tram ride aboard the St. Thomas Skyride. The upward trek to Paradise Point carries you along a 700 feet ascent, with wonderful views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor. Once you reach the top, you can sip a tropical cocktail, catch a bite to eat or browse the shops. Time it for sundown for views of spectacular sunsets; and receive maximum enjoyment by taking the tram on a Wednesday evening, when live musicians serenade Paradise Point partygoers.

Coral World Ocean Park

You and your honey can get up close and personal petting a shark or stingray at Coral World Ocean Park. The Underwater Observatory and Deep Reef Tank are highlights, but for the ultimate thrill don a specially designed underwater helmet that allows you to stroll hand-in-hand underwater.

Blackbeard's Castle

For insights into what not to do, contemplate Blackbeard's lack of success with the ladies as you climb the 99 steps leading to Blackbeard's Castle, a National Historic Landmark (and more accurately known as Fort Skysborg). The 17th-century fort was built with bricks transported by ship from Denmark. At the top, you'll be treated to amazing views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

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