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Q&A: Can I give her a surprise honeymoon?

Q. I love the idea of surprising my fiance with the honeymoon. She's been doing so much to plan the wedding, I think it would be nice for her not to worry about the honeymoon details and plan an amazing trip for her. I also want to make sure it's everything she's imagined. We talk about travel all the time and she speaks of so many different places she would love to go. I'm a little worried that I'm not going to pick the right place. Is it a bad idea to surprise her with the honeymoon? Or is there a considerate way to do it without taking the excitement away?

A. Surprise honeymoons can be very romantic and special. If you know what your fiance would like in a honeymoon, then go for it. I hope you paid attention when she spoke of all those destinations! You can check out which ones are favorites with honeymoon couples. Keep in mind, she may have always talked about wanting to backpack across Europe but for her honeymoon, she may prefer to relax in a beach resort. If you're not sure, look for signs or ask other people close to her, but find out! This is a great job for the bridesmaids! If you're still unsure, you can always ask general questions (such as what type of honeymoon she would like: beach, mountains, big resort, small resort, big city...) and surprise her with the destination, resort and activities. Seek help from a travel agent if you haven't planned many vacations to make sure everything goes extra smooth.

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