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Q&A: Should I wax for my honeymoon?

Q. I've never waxed before and going on a 10-day honeymoon. I don't really want to shave every other day on vacation and my friends keep pushing me to wax. It makes me nervous to wax and I'm worried that my skin will break out. Should I try out waxing for my honeymoon?

A. Waxing will keep your skin silky smooth throughout your honeymoon and is definitely the better way to go if you are comfortable doing it and if you skin is ok with waxing. You won't need to hassle with hairs growing in a few days into your vacation.

If you've never waxed before, do a test run at least 3 months before your honeymoon. Keep a consistent waxing schedule until your wedding date. Ask your cosmetologist for a good schedule so that you can be ready for the wax right before your wedding. Not enough hair growth can hinder a wax more than too much hair growth! The longer you wax, the slower your hair will grow in, so start as soon as you can, preferably 6 months before your honeymoon, so you are use to waxing and your skin doesn't get irritated. Try a product like Tend Skin, which is great in keeping your skin from ingrown hairs and bumps.

During your testing sessions, see how many days it takes to clear you of the redness and record the number. Make a waxing appointment that many days before your wedding. If you don’t have time to test but you know you react okay to waxing, try 3 – 4 days before your wedding. This should give you ample time for the redness to leave.

If you're not sure what kind of bikini wax to get, ask the salon. Some places differ in what they call their different bikini waxes, so if you aren’t sure, ask for specifics. You can also bring your swim suit along to make sure they don’t leave anything peaking out.

If you're traumatized from previous waxing experiences, try it again with a beauty salon who uses hard wax. The days of wax and cloth strips are over! Hard wax is much less painful than the strips of the past. Find a beauty salon that uses hard wax and go for a test run.

If you just hate waxing – or don’t have the time or money, don't worry, you can always go with shaving. Make sure you don’t switch products (moisturizers, gels, creams, shavers) right before your wedding. The main thing is that you’re consistent so your body doesn’t react poorly and you end up with a bumpy mess or in pain on an 8-hour flight!! Remember, shaving directly followed by the ocean water can be unpleasant, as well as chlorine. Keep this in mind when deciding when you will shave on your honeymoon. If you shave your bikini zone, make sure you are doing this consistently for several months before the wedding. It can take time for your body to get use to shaving. Also, make sure you moisturize afterward; dryness can create even more razor burn.

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