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Big City Honeymoons

Are you a city honeymoon type? Many couples prefer being surrounded by the big city lights and thrills to start their marriage. If you’re not sure if a honeymoon in the city is for you, ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you like to go out more than stay in?
  • Does spending most of your time in your honeymoon suite sound dull?
  • Are you a night person?
  • Do you like staying up late in an exciting atmosphere?
  • Do you hate spending a lot of time in the sun?
  • Do you like to wander about?
  • Do you like to walk around and explore?
  • Do you like to shop?
  • Do you like to visit museums and learn more about art and culture?
  • Do you like to meet different types of people?
  • Do you like a vast array of entertainment choices?
  • Do you like to do something different everyday?
  • Do you dread being stuck at a resort?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, a romantic city might be the best choice for your honeymoon. Remember to consult your fiancé, since this preference may not be shared. Check out some of the most romantic honeymoon cities in the world to help you make your decision of where to travel.

Still Undecided? If you’re still not sure about a honeymoon in the big city or a secluded spot, there’s still a way to have a little bit of both worlds. Honeymoon cities that are close to a relaxing getaway are ideal combined destinations. Start off with 3 days unwinding from the wedding in a quite setting, and then go to the city to fulfill your adventure seeking side. By the time you get restless at your secluded resort, you will be ready for the liveliness of a romantic big city. This is also a great way to appease a couple who has opposing ideas of the type of honeymoon they would prefer.

Here are some examples of combined honeymoons:

Paris, France

Start your trip with several days resting in a romantic castle in the Loire Valley, followed by the most passionate city in the world.

Rome or Venice

Italy Relax in the beautiful Lake Como area and then travel to either Rome or Venice (or both!) to enjoy the wonderful Italian nightlife and amazing architecture.

San Francisco, California

Spend a few days tasting wine and relaxing in Sonoma Valley or Napa Valley before celebrating your marriage in San Francisco.

Miami, Florida

Take in the sun out at a resort in the Florida Keys, followed by exciting nights in Miami.

London, England

Unwind at a small bed and breakfast in the English countryside before going to London to take in the museums and pubs.

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