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Free Honeymoon

So, funds are tight and you need a free honeymoon vacation. Many couples pay for their own weddings and don't have much left for the honeymoon. Even if your wedding is paid for by your parents, you may still have to pay for the honeymoon. With the economy still improving, parents often do not have extra funds to send you off to paradise after the wedding. Flexibility and creativity is the key to a cheap honeymoon. If you've found out that you need to cover these expenses, here are some good ideas to get it for free! Or very cheap!

Enter Contests

Go online and look for free honeymoon giveaways. Enter as many as possible. The chances of winning some of these larger ones may be difficult. Try going to many local bridal shows, especially smaller shows. Most of these have honeymoon contests as well and your chance are winning are better.

Honeymoon Registry Gifts

Ask for your honeymoon as a wedding present or build a honeymoon registry, where the expense can be divided among many guests, instead of one family member. Pass the word to your guests that your honeymoon registry is your gift preference. Be sure to get ideas on how to make your registry user friendly and entice your guests to purchase from it. More on a honeymoon gift registry >

Timeshare Wedding Gifts

If a family member has a timeshare that they may be banking instead of vacationing, let them know that you are having trouble affording a hotel. They may offer you their timeshare as a wedding gift, which is easy for them and saves you a lot of money in hotel fees.

Airline Miles Wedding Gifts

If you have a family member that flies a lot and probably has a lot of airline miles, this is also another person to hit up about giving this as a wedding gift. Try having another family member suggest it to them if it isn't someone close enough to ask yourself. This would be a very generous gift, so try to keep your destination within a reasonable distance to keep the mile usage down.

Combine some of these ideas with our tips for a honeymoon on a budget! Such as: Use a timeshare gift to a destination within driving distance and register for special excursions, massages, dinners and souvenirs to help pay for other expenses.

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