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Honeymoon Gift Registry

Registering for your honeymoon can be a great way to have your dream honeymoon without having a nightmare of debt on your return. It is also a good idea if you don’t need a lot of household items but want to help people choose an ideal wedding gift for you. Here are some honeymoon registry ideas to get the most out of your honeymoon registry.

Is a Honeymoon Registry for You?

Unlike wedding registries, you will need your honeymoon paid for whether your guests pay or you pay. Know your guests and determine how likely it would be for your guests to purchase off your registry.

Read Your Contract

Read between the lines for all contracts with your honeymoon registry travel agent. Make sure you understand what financial obligations you may have to pay if people don’t purchase from your registry. If assuming you will get a $10,000 honeymoon for free, it may be shocking when you have to fork out half the cost.

Personalize Your Registry

Guests use registries for convenience, but also want to buy you a personal gift that will remind you of them. If you can personalize your registry item names, make the items unique by giving personal descriptions that resemble your personalities. Instead of registering for a dinner for two, register for a romantic seaside lobster dinner. It gives them a better visual and sounds more inviting. The more specific your explanations, the more likely your guests will want to purchase them. Use descriptive adjectives to plump up the visual. Add pictures if possible.

Include items that guests who know you well will want to purchase. For example, don’t write Tahitian souvenir. If you collect pottery, include a Tahitian ceramic souvenir to your list, explaining your love for pottery, which will make guests know they are adding to your precious collection. Even if you don’t have specific likes, try to research what activities or merchandise is available at the destination and choose something specific that you would prefer to make the gift more personal. If you return with something a little different, your guests will be equally happy.

Small Gifts Amount to a Lot of Extra Fun

To make a gift more special, add small gifts that your guests can include with bigger gifts. They can pay for a night stay and add a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates for a reasonable price. This will be a nice bonus for you which will make your honeymoon extra special and make your guests feel like they added a romantic touch.

Incorporate Your Itinerary

Allow guests to walk themselves visually through your honeymoon by listing items in an itinerary format. They can connect to your trip instead of just reading a listing of items and prices. If you put good effort into the design, it can be more like reading a novel that captures their attention. Some companies will even help you write good descriptions and format the flow of the list.

Variety of Prices

Offer a lot of variety and different price ranges. Guests might prefer to buy 2 massages since there are 2 of you but they may not want to spend $200 on the present. Think of how guests will purchase gifts when trying to figure how much money they cost. Offering assorted price ranges will allow guests to find something in their range or mix & match a few things together.

Make it Accessible

If your honeymoon registry is really important for you, make sure people know that. Spread the word. The easier it is for people to access your registry, the more likely they will use it. Include information on your wedding website and have your close family and bridal party let everyone know that it is important. When they hear about your excitement for your honeymoon, they will feel delighted to purchase off of your registry.

Use What People Buy You

Your guests will want to know about that hour-long romantic couples massage that they purchased. If guests purchase specific excursions or items, try not to trade them in for something else you would prefer. Your guests will want to know about the specific item they purchased for you. Take a photo if possible and include it with the thank you card.

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