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Honeymoon on a Budget

Being on a budget for your honeymoon is a smart idea. Whether you're saving for a house or don't have a lot of money for your romantic getaway, there are many things places you can go on a budget. Here are several ideas to save you money:

Stay Close to Home

There are beautiful resorts all over the place. Find a local, secluded resort within a few hours drive of your wedding. This could cut your honeymoon cost in half since airline costs are extraordinary. This will also allow you to save money but enjoy the luxury of a 4 or 5 star resort. Or, pick a beautiful, dream location within a few hours flight of your wedding. If you want a tropical honeymoon, choose a destination that is a 4 – 6 hour flight instead of 10+ hours. This will cut down in the price and you can still have that island paradise. Compare islands in a region as well. Some islands are more expensive primarily because they are more popular.

Travel in the Off-Season

If your mind is set on a certain destination, find out when they have their off-season. Some hotels offer significantly lower prices during the off-season. The off-season usually is a time when the weather isn't at its best, but this can mean hotter than normal weather for some locations, or rainy season in others.

Last Minute Honeymoons

You can find many great, discounted vacations at the last minute. If you don’t mind planning your honeymoon in a rush and you won’t feel disappointed if you don’t get a specific destination, this is a great idea. Read the travel section in newspapers, online deals, travel agents and any other sources you find. Cruises often have great last minute deals, especially if you live near a cruise line port and don’t have to purchase airfare.


Many couples spend well over their budget because of unexpected expenses or cost of food and drinks once they arrive to their hotel. This can bring a lot of unneeded stress to your honeymoon. One way to prevent this overspending is to choose an all-inclusive that truly includes everything from all meals, water, alcohol, non-motorized sports and sometimes excursions. Some all-inclusives are very expensive, but there are many resorts that are reasonable, especially in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Bed and Breakfast Romance

Stay away from those 5-star luxury resorts and opt for a romantic, secluded B&B for less than half the price and breakfast included. These are often well kept and have unique room interiors, as opposed to large, monotone hotel rooms. This is also a great way to travel through Europe. It will make you feel like you’re one of the locals.

Camping Honeymoons

Find a secluded camping site to have an outdoor, romantic honeymoon. This is an inexpensive way to enjoy each other’s company and getaway, without digging too deep into your bank account. Some nice camping sites even have cabins for rent for a reasonable price, which adds a little bit more luxury to your trip. Great ideas for beach lovers ~ there are many beach camping sites as well, which is a wonderful way to get beachfront romance for cheap.

Combine some of these ideas with our tips for a free honeymoon. Such as: Use a timeshare gift to a destination within driving distance and register for special excursions, massages, dinners and souvenirs to help pay for other expenses.

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