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Honeymoon Stories: Unforgettable Fiji

I awoke Sunday morning snuggled in a down comforter and gazed at Brandon with fervor as he slept next to me. This was the first morning of our marriage and the beginning of our long awaited honeymoon. I looked around our suite at the Hyatt Regency and had scattered recollections of our wedding day. There were presents and rose petals scattered everywhere. Could it finally be over? I jumped out of bed as if it were Christmas morning, eager to open all the beautiful packages. I called for breakfast and started drinking as much water as possible to help my aching head. Our food arrived within the hour, which stirred Brandon from bed with the smells of fresh coffee and bacon.

As we ate and reminisced on the previous day’s events, the overwhelming pressure from the wedding seemed to slowly fade away. The planning was over. The stress of tying hundreds of pink ribbons and picking the perfect color to dye the bridesmaids’ shoes was no longer relevant. Excitedly, we opened our presents and then packed up to start our honeymoon journey.

As the day sped on, I began to feel exhausted, like I hadn’t slept in months. Even though I maintained a good sleep schedule while planning for the wedding, every moment while I was awake was spent planning, preparing, calling, checking, searching, organizing, studying and working… can I say more; I was the energizer bunny. I didn't have ample time to spent enjoying the company of my fiancé or concentrating on my personal goals and dreams. The wedding was finally over, now it was time for the honeymoon, an intermission before real life began again.

The honeymoon always seemed like an exceptional idea. Any custom that involved traveling and being romantic was brilliant. Yet, the importance of the honeymoon didn’t hit me until I was riding in the car on the way to the airport. I have never had to host a large event, exert so much energy and enter a new commitment within the matter of one day! I was in dire need of rest and quality time with Brandon. Whether getting away nearby home or flying across the world, these days are invaluable. We choose a Fijian paradise to relax our overextended bodies and minds.

We spent a great deal of time researching our destination resort and resolved that we could create a perfect honeymoon with the right attitude. We tried to stay away from having too many expectations of our honeymoon resort, which is difficult when you have certain standards that need to be met. While we were planning our honeymoon, we determined that no matter what happened, nothing could destroy our happiness. We brought an indestructible spirit with us.

Fiji was everything we could imagine in a tropical destination. The most gracious and friendly people welcomed us and took care of our needs. We encountered a few problems at the resort, which Brandon patiently addressed and received positive results. What made our honeymoon a total success was our ability to enjoy our time together no matter what obstacles arose, which in our case were minor.

We melted into our surroundings and felt so appreciative for everyone that helped make our stay special. While waiting an extended island-time for our drinks, we enjoyed our conversation instead of scowling at the bartender. We tipped them a little extra for allowing us to share their island home with us. Every moment was a chance to enjoy ourselves and we found a way to do that, in spite of hundreds of children running around. Even when heavy rain clouds rolled in, we took time to hide out in our room until the next day when blue skies appeared.

The warm, turquoise water surrounded us each day as we relaxed away our stress and dreamed of our future together. We spent 15 months preparing for our wedding and now were able to concentrate on our personal goals. We discussed our aspirations, our missions in life and how we could support each other to achieve these objectives. We refocused on what was important to us and made a list of goals to keep as a reminder of our determinations. This was our time to create the pathway to a happy marriage through dialogue and support.

In retrospect, we had a dream honeymoon together and can’t wait to go on another romantic vacation together. This week was our first opportunity as a married couple to unite and overcome any negative experiences, therefore creating the happiest memories. Our wedding celebration had passed; our marriage will bring many struggles in order to build a happy life together and this honeymoon time acted as a nice breather to connect the two.

Some couples may have perfect honeymoon environments while others may end up in disasters. Either way, remember to bring with you a positive honeymoon spirit.

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