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Interesting Honeymoon Facts

Planning a dream honeymoon? Want to know some information about honeymoon travel? Here is some detailed info from our readers about their honeymoon ratings:

How much money?

$3,500! This average includes lodging and transportation. Most couples spent less than $4,000 and only about 20% of couples spent over $5,000.

How do couples find the perfect hotel?

75% of couples hear about their hotel from either a travel agent or travel website. The internet makes it easy to book travel online, but many couples report not getting what they seemed to be promised on the perfect internet layout. They either got a great deal, which turned out to be a disaster hotel, or their reservations weren't what they paid for. This is one benefit of using a travel agent, who knows more about the hotels, sometimes having been there, and they also double-check reservations for you. Read more about how to choose the right hotel >

How long?

Couples honeymoon an average of 8 days.

Top Destinations?

Hawaii wins once again! Mexico is following close behind. The Caribbean is the top choice for regions to travel for a honeymoon. A smaller percentage went to Europe and the Mediterranean, preferring Italy. Of course, couples who prefer something a little more exotic and different, choose those dream locations of French Polynesia (Moorea, Bora Bora...) and Fiji Islands, as well as Thailand. Read more about top destinations >


How romantic do couples find their hotels? The majority of couples report their honeymoons as romantic (85%). About 25% say that this time was passionately romantic and only a small percent did not find that their honeymoon was as romantic as it should have been (15%). Read more about how to book a romantic room >

Honeymoons gone wrong!

You hear the horror stories and stress about things going perfect on this dream vacation. Well, about one third of couples had complaints about their hotel stay. Most of these aren't horrific stories, but problems they encountered. The biggest complaints were about facility maintenance, check-in and restaurants.

Biggest Honeymoon Complaints:

  1. Nothing to do at the resort: Lacking amenities and entertainment. Many couples want to relax but not be bored
  2. Resort didn’t look like the photos: Online photos can be deceiving of what the resort really looks like. Don’t book off photos alone, read what people write about the resort and ask your travel agent.
  3. Bed comfort! Some resort beds are less than comfortable, which is a big deal on your honeymoon. Many couples have also ended up with 2 beds instead of 1, separate beds on the honeymoon, what is the resort thinking!
  4. Attitude of the check-in staff and front desk: They can be less than willing to help out.
  5. Food quality: Expected better food from a resort chain.

These statistics are straight from honeymoon couples to you. Good luck planning your special vacation.

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