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Places to Honeymoon by Month of Wedding

When planning your honeymoon, the yearly weather of your location is extremely important to consider. Once you pick your wedding date and decide on the type of honeymoon you would prefer, look at the month listing below to choose your destination. Some couples even schedule their wedding around the location where they would most like to go for their honeymoon.

If you’ve been dreaming of a Tahitian tropical honeymoon for years, arriving during raining season won't be ideal. If your wedding date is set and your top destination isn't ideal, look into other choices during that month. Many destinations have similar features and you could find yourself in love with a new place to honeymoon.

Weather conditions can always fluctuate but the locations listed in each month category represent typical yearly patterns. It’s always a good idea to purchase travelers insurance in case weather conditions go astray and you have to reschedule or change locations.

Year-Round Warm Weather Vacationing

Hawaii, Brazil and Central Africa tend to have good weather all year. They might have cooler seasons, but they aren't cold. You can look into more specifics on temperatures and rain during your month.

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