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Honeymoon Planning Timeline: 2 Weeks Before Wedding

  • Check bank accounts and credit cards for available funds.
  • Pay bills or set up autopay.
  • Drop off dry cleaning... and pick it up!
  • Prepare romantic gestures, such as special lingerie or an intimate poem, that will make meaningful memories of your honeymoon.
  • Start packing. Refer to a packing list to make sure you don't forget anything.
  • Pick up any items that you will be borrowing, such as luggage or sports equipment.
  • Set out-of-office replies on email.
  • Confirm travel reservations for all purchased items: flights, hotels, cruises, and excursions. Ensure that your specific requests are noted. Mention that you will be newlyweds!
  • Check weather reports for your destination.
  • Have all beauty treatments.
  • Make photocopies of reservations, passports, valuables being brought along, and credit cards. Keep a copy and give one to a family member or friend.
  • Label your luggage and include the hotel information of where you will be staying inside each bag.
  • Confirm transportation to your honeymoon and once you return.
  • Prepare your home for departure: set light timers, turn off air or heat, throw away food that will spoil and dump the trash.

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