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How to Plan a Romantic Vacation

Any vacation can become a romantic getaway with a few intimate additions. Whether you're escaping the hustle of the worplace, desperate for a little kid-free time, or celebrating an anniversary, romance can make your trip much more memorable. Being romantic is different for every person and couple. Some people love grand gestures, while others enjoy something small and special. When considering ways to add a little romance, consider your personalities. You wouldn't want to plan a big spectacle and then your partner to think it's cheesy and overboard.

There is no exact formula for having the perfect romantic experience, since the idea is unique to each couple. But there are definitely some ideas to help you get your imagination rolling. Certain things like candlelit dinners, baths for two, love poems and exchanging massages are classic for romance. Think about what you consider romantic. You have a unique relationship, so consider something that would only be special for you two. Those memories are often much more meaningful. But you can also have a candlelit dinner and exchange massages! Consider the following:

  • What activities bring you closer to your partner?
  • What atmosphere helps you relax and connect?
  • What sort of surprises leave you with lasting memories?
  • Do you have any fantasies that you would like to make happen?
  • Is there a passionate present that you know your partner would love?

Be original!

Remember, you don't have to force yourself to do "romantic" things that bore you just to fit a stereotype. Put your personalities into it! If you have different ideas of what is romance, try to combine them to create the perfect ideal for both of you. Sometimes the smallest gestures that show how much you care can have a bigger impact than more common gestures. If you don't agree on what is romantic, try a little compromise. Doing something that isn't your thing can have a lot of meaning for your partner.

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