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Bridal Shower Gift Advice and Ideas

The bridal shower is definitely a more intimate wedding celebration where the bride will open your gift in front of everyone. Figuring out what to buy the bride for the shower can be a frustrating task. Here are some helpful tips:

Themed Shower:

Once you receive the bridal shower invitation, see if the shower has a specific theme, i.e. baking party, and if so, stick to the theme. Usually the host will consult with the bride to find out what she needs most or would like most for her gifts. If they set a theme, this is probably what the bride wants.

No theme, ask yourself some questions about the bride:

Is the couple's home equipped with most essentials?

If the couple is starting off from scratch, they will probably appreciate all the household gifts that they get. There will always be someone close to the bride who gives her sexy lingerie. So, if you know they don’t have much, use the registry and pick out a present that will add a special touch to their home.

Where is she registered?

The host, parents or maid of honor should know where the bride is registered. Etiquette says that you should contact them for this info, but a lot of people are going directly to the bride and groom to find this out.

How close are you to the bride?

Best Friends Forever

If the bride is one of your closest friends, try to stay away from the registry. She will appreciate some sentimental bridal shower gifts from close friends and family. This unique gift could be sexy lingerie and massage oils, or a personalized beach bag for her honeymoon with a good book or CD packed inside. Remember, these gifts don’t need to be for the couple, they can be something special just for the bride!

I barely know the bride!

Stick to the registry. Don’t be original and for example, buy an ornate picture frame that you love. You have no idea if it would match her home or taste. Just stick to the registry and make things easy. If you insist on something else, ask the bridal shower host for ideas.

Are they going on a honeymoon?

No honeymoon or an extended weekend

If you know the couple isn’t taking a week off to fly to some exotic location, perhaps give a gift to make their honeymoon weekend extra special. Baskets are a great idea for a local honeymoon. Gift baskets such as picnic baskets, bath baskets, wine and cheese baskets or chocolate baskets make wonderful bridal shower gifts. These unique ideas add special romantic memories for the honeymoon couple.

Defintely going on a honeymoon!

If they are going on a honeymoon, where to? Beach? Skiing? Site seeing? Mountains?

Unique bridal shower gifts can be made with their honeymoon theme in mind. A personalized Mrs. swimsuit is a great idea for her island getaway. A travel wallet in her favorite color would make a good gift for the traveling newlyweds.

What about erotic gifts?

You may know the bride really well but remember that she will be opening your gift in front of friends and family. Even if she is very open around you, this may not be true around her family, or maybe just that one aunt or fiancé’s grandmother. Stay away from overly sexual gifts that might embarrass her. This could even be any type of lingerie, including more conservative lingerie, depending on the bride. Bring these to the bachelorette party and give a small gift for the bridal shower. If you're not sure, ask the maid of honor.

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