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How to Create the Perfect Romantic Bath!

A romantic bath is a great way to start unwinding on your getaway together. Whether you are a bath aficionado or a newby, plan ahead to make it a little extra special. For starters, request a room that has a bath or jacuzzi tub big enough for two. It won't be so romantic if you can't fit inside! This is a common request, but make sure you have them note the request in the computer. Call a week before you debark and double-check that your tub is being held. A lot of resorts only have certain rooms with tubs or only upgraded rooms, such as ocean-view rooms, have jacuzzi tubs.

When you're ready for a little romance in the tub:

  1. Order Champagne from room service with an ice bucket. Give it enough time to arrive.
  2. Send your love away to grab something at the resort shop. While he/she is away, prepare this perfect bath.
  3. Add some bath oil and plenty of bubble bath as the tub heats up.
  4. Light candles and place them all around the room, in safe locations.
  5. Play relaxing music in the background, or something fun that fits your style.
  6. Pop the bubbly and pour two glasses. A tray of chocolates, strawberries or something sweet to feed each other can be fun!
  7. Sprinkle rose petals from the front door leading up to the bathtub.
  8. Put on a rob or something sexy and wait to surprise your loved one.

This will make a special memory that you will talk about for years. If you want to make this even more romantic, bring a poem or love letter that you wrote. Read it while soaking together. Put your own twist on this bath.

Your List For Everything You Need:

  • Bubble Bath!! Pick a great scent that you will both like. Don't overdo it with the scent. Something strong scents can give you a headache instead of putting you in the mood.
  • Bath Crystals For relaxing those tense muscles and added more wonderful aroma. If using a bubble bath scent and crystal scent, try to coordinate so they don't interfere with each other.
  • Rose Petals If it's too difficult to get some rose petals at your destination, you can buy fake rose petals that look real. When the lights are out, s/he won't notice the difference.
  • Loofah Sponge Help each other get a little cleaner with a sponge!
  • Tea Light Candles Other candles work well, but tea lights burn in their own container to make it safer and easier for cleanup. You can also bring fireless candles to make it even safer.
  • Back Massager Make sure it's waterproof.
  • Champagne Have a bottle of Champagne sent up to your room and enjoy!
  • Game A bath game can be a fun way of enhancing the romance while having a laugh.
  • Music if your room has a CD player, put on some light music that you both will enjoy. Some T.V.s have music stations too. If not and staying waterfront, the sound of the ocean waves will work wonders, so open the door or windows.

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