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Romantic Gifts

If you're celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary trip, make it extra special with a romantic gift. You can give something that is a memory of you two, something that brings you closer together or just something for fun. There are so many different types of gifts, so it depends on your personality and style. Here are some categories and ideas to consider:

Romantic Baths

What can be more enticing than a romantic bath! Make sure your resort room can accommodate 2 people in the tub and then get the supplies. Surprise your partner with a candlelit room and a bathtub full of scented bubble bath and oils. You can even bring bathtub games to spice up your bathing experience.

Fun Gifts

Bring a fun honeymoon game with you on your trip. Games are a great way to spend your time together, get a good laugh and enhance your honeymoon mood. There are all sorts of games, from humerous to erotic, so pick one that fits you two. The Strip Chocolate Game is a favorite of couples, mixing a board game with something sweet.

Relaxing Gifts

Help each other relax and recuperate from the wedding stress by giving each other romantic massages. Surprise your spouse with a bag of massage products, oils and even a book for beginners. You can read about massage before going so that your first massage is a dream for her or him to remember forever.

Personalized Gifts

Let everyone know you're a honeymoon couple! Surprise your spouse with a personalized t-shirt or beach tote. People will be congratulating you everywhere you go. This gift will be with you for years to come.

Memorable Gifts

Plan a romantic picnic. Either order ahead of time a breakfast or lunch prepared for you by the resort, select a basket to bring with you or ship it to your location. Find out the most secluded location to picnic and take care of all the details.

Erotic Gifts

For those couples who want a little more passion on their vacations, pick out an erotic gift. These are more personality specific so use your imagination and shop for what your partner would like. Buy these online to be able to get a bigger assortment of merchandise.

Buying a Bachelorette Party Gift?

Check out the above ideas and remember to give her something that fits her personality - not just for the shock value. If you're not sure what to give, LINGERIE is always a plus! Make sure you purchase it somewhere where she can exchange it in case it doesn't fit or looks funny. Another perfect gift idea is to give her bath supplies. Sometimes this is seen as generic, but buy her some good quality products and she will definitely appreciate it. Whether she uses it on her own to soak away her stress, or with her hubby, it will come into good use.

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