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How to Book a Romantic Hotel Room

Picking your room is an essential part of planning a romantic vacation. Make sure you consider the hotel rooms when picking where you stay. If you're looking for some intimacy on your trip, plan for the most romantic hotel room.

Tell the resort that you're newlyweds! Or celebrating an anniversary!

This key point is essential. It can get you all sorts of extra perks and attention. If you have someone else book your reservation, make sure they point this out. Even if you don't book the honeymoon suite, you might be able to get an upgrade if you let them know ahead of time. Call a week before you arrive to check on your room and remind them that you are celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary. Also, remind them when you get there, if they don't mention it. We can't reiterate this point enough!

Pick Your Room

What in-room amenities do you want? Want to lounge in a robe and slippers? Dying for a heavenly bed with a down comforter? Hotel rooms can vary a lot when it comes to amenities and quality. An expensize room doesn't mean it is the best quality. You could still end up with those hard beds and stiff comforters. If you want a queen or king size bed, make sure you emphasize this point to the hotel and verify this several days before arrival. We've heard too many stories of couples getting two twins instead of what they requested. Some amenities to consider having are:

  • King size bed
  • Whirlpool bath
  • DVD player
  • CD player
  • IPod Doc
  • Minibar
  • Safe ~ essential!
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathrobes
  • Plunge pool

Romantic Bath

If you're dreaming of a romantic bath for two on your honeymoon, pick a resort that has oversize tubs or a whirlpool bath. Make sure you let your booking agent know that this is an important feature, in case last minute changes are made. Read about the best romantic baths!

Room Location

Many couples forget about this key point and just go cheap. The room location can make a huge difference on your experience. Imagine opening your balcony door to the beautiful waves crashing the white sand beach. Ahhh! Now imagine opening a window looking over the kids pool at the resort! Usually hotels will try to put couples away from children or loud activities. This might mean walking a little distance if the property is large, but well worth it if you like quiet and alone time. For safety tips, choose a room on the 2nd floor or higher to avoid thieves who like easy access escapes, but not higher than the 6th floor, if possible, since a lot of fire ladders can't reach floors higher than 6.


Find out if they do anything special for honeymoons, like adding flowers or Champagne. Flowers make a great addition to the romantic mood of your room. If they don't come with it, you can preorder flowers to be sent to your room. Make sure you speak to your hotel to know if they will receive delivered flowers. Some hotels only use certain companies or won't receive them at all.

Spice It Up

Bring candles or incense, especially that have aphrodisiac scents, to create a romantic mood. Also, this is a great idea in case your room smells bad. You can also bring silk scarves to place over the lamps in the room for a touch of romance. Make sure this is fire safe and don't leave the room with the scaves up.

Personalize It

If you're on your honeymoon, add a "Just Married" door hanger or Mr. & Mrs. pillow cases for a fun addition. This will also let others around you know that you are newlyweds. You can also do something fun like this for an anniversary trip.

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