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Romantic Vacation Ideas

Make Every Moment a Cherished Memory!

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to increase your intimacy. Even couples that have no problem with getting in the mood can put a fun twist on their normal routine. For couples who aren't experienced with romance, give some of these ideas a try. Maybe you'll discover new ways of getting closer. Celebrate your relationship and make special memories!

You don't have to be at an expensive, exclusive resort to get romantic. Here are some low cost or free things you can do to make your trip a little more romantic, no matter where you're going. Plan your ideas before you leave so that you can make sure you have the resources to do them. Also, surprises are so much fun, so be spontaneous and dazzle your partner with something romantic and from the heart. You will remember these moments forever!

Sunrise Together

Ask someone at your resort where to go for a great location to see the sunrise. Wake up one morning before sunrise, make some coffee, walk to your special place and experience the dawning of a new day.

Explore together

Take a hike, explore a city or find someplace where you two can discover your destination together. If you are staying in a city or town, wake up one morning early enough to see the sunrise and then walk through the city, without a program, just a day to be together and see what you come across. You can also do this by taking a hike or going on a mini road trip. This is a great way to be adventurous and add exciting memories to your vacation. This isn't possible in all destinations. Make sure it is safe to roam around, hike, swim... where you are going.

Little Presents

Bring with you a little present for each day of your vacation, and give it to your partner at a special moment during the day. This could be bubble bath, massage oil or a new CD. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to drink while spending a night indoors with a deck of cards. These little presents don’t need to be expensive, just something that fits both of you and can add a little zest to your trip. This is a great idea for a honeymoon!


Bring scented bubble bath and tea light candles with you on your honeymoon and prepare a warm bath for the two of you. Make sure to request a room with a bathtub or Jacuzzi. Place the scented candles around the room and turn off the lights to enjoy your warm moment together. Check out this article for more ideas on the perfect romantic bath >

Reasons Why I Love You...

Before leaving, right down all the reasons why you love your partner. You could put these on separate pieces of paper and present them in an adorned box or write them on one decorative piece of paper, maybe in scrapbook style. Either way, it will be a special surprise to see the thought and effort you took to express all the little things you love about him/her.

Walking in the Moonlight

At least one night on your vacation, take a long walk, hand-in-hand, with the moon shining on you both. Talk about your happy union and your excited plans for your future together. Share your dreams and make a wish on a star.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Find a way to have a secluded dinner, outside if possible. Some resorts will even put a private table on your deck/veranda or under a beach cabana so that you can only hear the ocean waves and the sound of each other’s voices. If this isn’t available, prepare a basket of cheese, wine and baguettes, or buy take-out food and go make your own excluded dinner somewhere romantic, maybe in the park or on the beach.


Have a moment for you to give a massage to your partner. This will hopefully be followed by you receiving a massage in return! Try this out at the beginning of your trip to get you both relaxing right away. Don’t forget the massage oil! An alternative is to arrange for a couple’s massage in your room or the resort’s facilities.

Breakfast in Bed

Pre-order breakfast for a reasonable hour and spend one whole morning in bed, eating, cuddling or even watching your favorite movie. This movie could be another little gift that you bring along, but don’t forget to find out if the room has DVD access. Whatever your preference, this is a nice way to relax and spend some quality time lounging around together.

Love Poem

Even if the talent of writing isn’t bestowed on you, you can write a meaningful poem that will make your partner be overwhelmed with happiness. Start off with the reasons for your love and then put them into poetry format. If you’re really worried about how it sounds, ask a friend or family member. Or, make it a letter! You can read the poem over dinner or a cocktail, whatever your style. This will be a treasured memory.

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