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Cruise Money Saving Tips

Cruises often offer an affordable option for couples who want a lot of flare without the price tag. Cruise prices can vary significantly depending on the ship, degree of luxury, and how much is included. If you're looking for affordable cruises, it is completely possible if you plan ahead. You need to know what your ship charges you for and how much the products or services cost before racking up a huge bill to pay out at the end. Here are some tips that can help you cut corners:


If you are looking to save money on a cruise, pick a debarking location that won't cost you thousands of dollars in airfare. Find out what ports are closest to your home town and what types of cruises leave from those ports. Some cruise ships are scarse during certain seasons, so look into what destinations are options for your month of travel. If you can buy your tickets with miles, then this can also decrease your expenses significantly. Another option for lower airfare is to try to arrange your flight on your own to see if you can find a better deal than what the packages offer.


Many people select a cruise because they think everything is included and soon learn the soft drinks and alcohol is going to be an added expense. Some cruise ships truly uphold the definition of all-inclusive, but also come with a higher price tag. Most cruise ships don't mind you bringing aboard bottled water or soda, but can often decline the bottled liquor or beer bottles. Since drinks onboard cost on average, the same price as nice restaurants, this can mean incurring a hefty expense. Try bringing a couple of bottles of wine and stating that they are gifts for your honeymoon, anniversary or special occasion, which is usually fine. You can also send yourself (or have your travel agent) a bottle of wine, Champagne or liquor to your room as a gift basket.

Photos, photos and more photos

Cruise ships push photo taking and selling. If newlyweds or celebrating something special, you will attract you even more photographers. Go ahead and pose for the photo and if you come to love one or two, buy them, but don't feel pressured. Bring your own camera and ask people to take your own wonderful photo.


Some luxury liners include all gratuities, but most ships don't include it. Often, you will leave tips at the end of the cruise, for people like your restaurant food server or housekeeper, but some are added for purchases. Find out the gratuity schedule for the ship you're considering.


Try to send emails or make phone calls before you board the ship or when you're at port. Telephone calls on the ship are very expensive. Internet is cheaper, if you must make contact, but try to buy a minute package since the rates will usually be reduced.


Most sevices that you can request (laundry, dry cleaning, spa, massages, personal trainers, salons) will cost you. To save money, avoid these extra services.


Purchasing your excursions from the cruise line can be expense. To save money, look ahead for better deals. Make sure that you are on-time to your ship if you use an outside company. Excursions connected with the cruise ship are safeguarded from these stresses, but that is what you're paying for. When arriving at your port, there are usually many tour desks for you to choose from.

Casino Expenses

If you love to gamble, beware of these possible expenses. Either make a casino budget or stay away from gambling on your trip.

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