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Cruising Pros & Cons

Cruising is a unique experience and can make for a stress-free, relaxing getaway. It is important to first determine if a cruise is the ideal vacation for you two. Here are perks and cons to taking a romantic cruise:

Cruise Pros


If you like variety in your destination, cruising gives the option of seeing many locations in one trip.

Many destinations, never changing rooms:

The biggest benefit to cruising to many destinations is that you don’t have to unpack and repack several times, switch rooms, check-in, check-out… that time you would waste in changing hotels is spent relaxing aboard.


Many land resorts don’t offer much in terms of live entertainment. Cruise lines offer different types of entertainment every night to always give you something to do. You will not be bored.

Great package deals:

If you’re on a budget, cruises are a great way to save money and pay everything before you go. There are many packages available and different price ranges to choose.

Exciting Excursions:

Cruise lines pick out a diverse selection of excursions at each port for you to choose. This often includes many unique experiences you wouldn't think of doing yourself or know about doing.

Luxury Liners:

These cruise ships offer everything from fine dining, state-of-the-art accommodations, true all-inclusive packages, excellent service and plenty of romance. Maybe a little more costly, but if you want the perfect romantic cruise, you can't go wrong with a luxury cruise ship!

Cruise Cons

Small cabins:

The small cruise cabins always get a bad rep for traveling on the sea. Your room is an important aspect of your vacation, so pick a cruise line that offers more space than most. Or book a suite with more room for you to lounge. There are decent size rooms onboard most cruise lines, it just depends on how much you’re willing to pay for them.

Mediocre food:

Since cruise lines are preparing free food for hundreds of people, sometimes the quality can suffer. You can opt for more expensive food packages or take a luxury cruise that specializes in quality meals.

Not all-inclusive:

You hear the cruises are all-inclusive, but the better wording would be meals-included. Alcohol, soda, wine, specialty snacks and tips are extra and can add up to quite a bit since you have to purchase from them, at their prices. This can also be a real stickler at the end of your trip when you go to pay everything that you’ve put on your card. If you need to monitor your money, pay off your bill each morning to see how much you’re spending. This will keep you in check and not having to put hundreds of dollars on your credit card at the end of your trip. Also, look into special packages that include some of these extras if you know you will indulge.

Seclusion? What’s that:

It is hard to be alone, except in your room, on a cruise ship. If you want to be totally secluded, don’t pick a ship that has hundreds of people looking for a good time. Certain cruise lines also have more of a reputation for being “party ships” and if that’s not your style, stay clear.

Dinnertime and table assignments:

For those couples who don’t like schedules and regularity, these dinner seating times can be rather irritating. There is always food courts or light meals that you can get onboard in case you miss your seating, or you can order room service.

Bad entertainment:

Sometimes good, sometimes really cheesy! It’s nice to have entertainment available, but sometimes the music is out-dated and the entertainment could use a modern edge. Cruise lines are trying to give their entertainment a boost, so book on a ship that has promotes entertainment that you would enjoy.

Excursions are expensive:

The cruise line wants to sell you their excursions, which tend to be overpriced. Look on land, and ahead of time, for great deals on excursions. Usually there are many trips and deals in the harbor, near where the ship is docked. Make sure you find a company who offers safe excursions. It is best to do your research before you leave and pre-book to make your docking a stress-free experience.

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