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Seasonal and Year-Round Cruise Destinations

When choosing a romantic cruise destinations, your travel month is imperative to where you can travel. Certain cruises are seasonal, while others visit locations all year long. Look up your destination to see what months cruise lines will visit it.


May - September


November - February


October - March


October - April for ideal weather. Hurrican season is from August to November and the raining season is from May until October.


Year-round cruise travel, but peak-season is in the winter. Some ships travel in the Caribbean during the summer but not as many. Hurricane season is from August to November, but most ships can change their destinations to stay away from the hurricane and still give you a great vacation.

Central America

October - March


Year-round travel


Year-round travel, but peak-season is in the summer.

Northern Europe

May - September

South Pacific

Year-round, including French Polynesia, Fiji Islands, and New Zealand.

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